Top iPhone apps for Windows admins: iPowerShell

This free Windows app gives admins PowerShell 2.0 knowledge straight from their iPhones. It includes advanced search capabilities and detailed cmdlet information.


#3: iPowerShell

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The only free app on our list, iPowerShell by SAPIEN Technologies is an admin's mini-guide to Windows PowerShell 2.0. The app provides easy-to-find details for common (and not so common) PowerShell commands, including cmdlet syntax and parameter information with examplesto go along with a troubleshooting function.

SAPIEN highlights iPowerShell's search capabilities as a key feature as well. For example, the app allows admins to run a search on a particular term to find all cmdlets where it is included.

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Features: General cmdlet search function, alphabetical search, portrait and landscape view modes and offline access


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