Successful Approaches to Using Intent Data – Practical Tips from Priority Engine Users

Heather Turner

Vice President, Customer Success

successful approaches to using intent dataIncreasing sales adoption of Priority Engine, incorporating its data into other systems, and measuring its success are a few key areas in which Priority Engine users commonly seek advice. We recently met with a variety of Priority Engine users and gathered their experiences tackling these common challenges. Here are their top three concerns and takeaways for tackling them:

How can I enable my sales team and increase their adoption of Priority Engine?

Boosting rep engagement is a challenge all marketers face, and engagement with Priority Engine is no exception. Priority Engine users have developed many different enablement strategies, all aimed at reaching the same goal: improve sales rep performance by using Priority Engine insights in their outreach. Priority Engine users suggest these methods to get your sales teams excited about and using Priority Engine:

  • Explain why the data helps them win – Priority Engine gets sales reps into the conversation quicker, easier and ahead of their competition. Critical insights into buying team contacts, research activity, and interests help reps reach out at the right time, with the right approach.
  • Run a contest! Healthy competition is always a motivating factor for sales reps. If they are incentivized to use the tool, they will. And once they start, they won’t want to stop!
  • Review usage reporting – TechTarget Customer Success Managers can provide reporting on user trends within Priority Engine. One successful customer used these reports to analyze the relationship between “time spent in the tool” and “BDR pipeline”. The positive correlation he found is a great illustration that encouraged reps to use the tool. Other users share this reporting with Sales Management to hold inactive users accountable.

What should I do with TechTarget data once it’s in my systems?

Every company has their own unique tech stack, and therefore their own approach to integrating TechTarget data into their tech stack. Here are some of the most common:

  • Send Priority Engine contacts directly to BDR teams for outreach while simultaneously nurturing them.
  • Move Priority Engine contacts into nurture stream(s) and only pass them over to sales reps once MQL status is reached.
  • Upload territory and ABM lists to determine which of those accounts are active
  • Identify “lookalike” accounts that are active and align with your ideal customer profile but haven’t made it onto your lists yet

Another popular use case is to leverage Priority Engine data to increase event attendance and ROI. Users upload pre and post-event lists on Priority Engine to confirm interest, prioritize accounts, and gain access to additional members of the buying team. They also leverage the Researcher or Account Headquarters location to target prospects for location-based events. This approach has been very successful for customers, helping them attract active buyers to events and to communicate with them on topics they care about.

What’s the best way to measure success?

The varied responses from Priority Engine users suggest there isn’t only one correct method to measure success. A few common practices are looking at sourced or influenced pipeline, though there are a number of variables that enable such reporting – timeframes, data points tracked, and specific KPIs identified up front are just a few.

The critical step in tracking Priority Engine success is ensuring contacts are brought into your systems with attribution tracking applied to TechTarget contacts. Source Codes and MAP/CRM Campaign IDs are key fields to leverage. Attribution methods and system capabilities can also influence reporting success.

TechTarget recommends creating a TechTarget Source Field to produce the campaign metrics and pipeline analysis associated with your TechTarget program. Your TechTarget Customer Success Manager can help you explore the right reporting and KPI tracking for your campaign.

Regardless of your experience with Priority Engine, there’s always room to advance your strategies and find more success. We hope these strategies will help you increase sales adoption, use Priority Engine data with other tools more effectively, and refine the ways you measure success.

TechTarget holds User Group Meetings at many of our locations worldwide. For more information on and upcoming event or any of these topics discussed, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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