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Linux lore: Quiz

Linux is catching on for the savvy geek. Which means that, in order to maintain your creds, you need to be able to speak Penguin, at least a little. Can't tell the distros apart without a program? Take our quiz, check out the answers and you'll soon be able to impress your friends and colleagues. 

1. Tux is the familiar Linux penguin. Do the letters in Tux's name stand for anything?

2. This operating system isn't Linux-based. In fact, Torvalds and other team members made use of system components developed for this OS to create Linux. (Hint: According to the words represented in its acronym, this OS is not Unix, either.)

3. The earliest Linux distro that's still being developed took its name from a central Church of the SubGenius concept meaning, in a general sense, latitude. Its mascot is a pipe-smoking penguin.

4. RHEL is a very popular enterprise-class distribution of Linux. What does RHEL stand for? (Hint: It's distributed by a company that made its name selling Linux support.)

5. This popular distribution was created in 1993 by Ian Murdock, who was at that time a second year computer science major at Purdue University. The name derives from the first names of Murdock and his wife.

6. Barry Kauler began the initiative for this lightweight Linux distribution in January 2003. It's often run from a LiveCD or other removable media, which makes it easily portable, even to Windows systems.

7. This popular open source Debian-based OS is considered a good distribution for beginners. The name, from the African Zulu language, translates as "humanity to others."

8. This distribution, which began life as a German language version of Slackware, was acquired by Novell in 2003. Its desktop, server and enterprise server versions are considered by many to be the best in their classes.

9. This umbrella term covers all compact versions of the Linux operating system, including Austrumi, Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux.

10. Warren Woodford built this distribution to satisfy his own desire for a simple, user-friendly platform that incorporated the functions he found most useful in Debian. It includes the K Desktop Environment (KDE) and the ClamAV anti-virus program.

How many did you get right? Let us know!

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This was last updated in August 2008
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