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Take action on more demand for your solutions.

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Right now, there’s active demand for your solutions that you can’t see.…

Across the country, project teams are starting their buyer’s journeys every day.

Many will be more than halfway through their journey before you find out.

Many of these buying teams will never reach out to you.

Buyer activity matters to your business. Don’t miss it.

Find and engage the buyers you need

Just a few years ago, you might have turned to programmatic advertising to blanket your entire TAM. It’s a brute force approach – expensive, inaccurate or worse – and, of course, it’s relatively low-yield.

That’s why TechTarget supports more than 140 online enterprise tech communities. When our 19+ million permissioned users need buying-decision guidance, they come to us first.

And that’s how we can deliver the precise buyer insights you’ll need to break in.

The data set here comes from just two hyper-specific categories – Flash Storage and CyberSecurity. (See the hundreds more that only TechTarget can offer.)

You’ll make the most of this actual market demand via our Priority Engine™ platform.

Because the data’s at the opt-in contact level (GDPR/CCPA compliant), you’ll instantly see how to better shape your outreach.

How to speed engagement.

How to fuel your pipeline faster.

How to close more deals.

The buyers that are in-market now

Look at the national demand map again.

Each dot represents an opted-in individual on an active buying team….

Some are researching Flash Storage solutions; others, CyberSecurity. They come in-market to learn and buy, and then they disappear again.

These aren’t broad-based, news-driven surges, they’re real people with real business needs.

Look closer and you can see that buying behavior differs between solution categories….

For example, in many large companies, multiple Flash Storage buys can develop in parallel over the course of a year.

In contrast, comprehensive CyberSecurity deals are likely to start less frequently and extend over a longer period of time.

We’ll zoom in closer to understand how to use this information for better Sales and Marketing results.

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Sales use cases

Let’s look at demand in a typical Sales territory – the U.S. Southeast. Based on their activity in the CyberSecurity category, you can clearly see exactly which accounts to prioritize every week.

Now, by highlighting the changes in one national account’s demand intensity over time, you can experience just how important activity-driven outreach prioritization truly is. You’d need to capitalize on an account like Mutual of Omaha when it’s most active.

Mutual of Omaha

Develop breakthrough outreach

Next, let’s examine what these buyers really care about – information that only TechTarget can provide.

Watch how this next chart changes as interests in very specific topics shift week-to-week.

When you know exactly what’s resonating with your prospects at every moment, you have what you need for breakthrough outreach personalization.

Only TechTarget provides this level of specificity.

Marketing use cases

Making ABM campaigns more effective

Starting nationally, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of an industry vertical account team and the highly targeted ABM marketers that support them. Here we’re showing Flash Storage demand from a finite, very specific list of targeted Financial Services accounts.

Below, drilling into a single specific account, we’re looking at Wells Fargo Flash Storage as it compares to CyberSecurity. First, watch how the buyers’ journeys evolve across the different locations on the respective buying teams – granularity that only TechTarget can supply.

Wells Fargo

Note that the engagement patterns differ between the two tech categories. Leverage this category-specific learning to strengthen your own engagement strategies.

Next, we’ll look at which members of the buying team are active and when. See that while specialist players appear consistently, senior titles pop in and out. Use these facts to guide how you create and manage your opportunities. Only TechTarget can tell you who these people really are.

Better content drives better conversion

Now let’s examine what these buyers really care about.

We can show you exactly what decision-support material the relevant buying team is consuming, and when. Take a look at how that varies with the stage of their journey.

Watch how this chart changes as interests in very specific topics shift week-to-week.

Only TechTarget supports this level of personalization.

Use this to inform your tactics. You’ll get better response and conversion.

Use it to guide strategy. Your offerings will resonate more powerfully when you connect them directly to what prospects already care about.

Maximize account revenue

Whether you’re in Sales or Marketing, there are three things you need to maximize account-based revenue:
  1. You need early warning of every relevant buy-cycle anywhere in the account. Only TechTarget covers that.
  2. You need to know exactly who’s involved. Only Priority Engine gives you direct access to all the active buyers – the real people who have opted into your outreach.
  3. You have to reach out relevantly. You need knowledge of the client’s business situations and the connections to your own offerings. Only Priority Engine enables all that in an instant.

Priority Engine: The accounts that matter and the contacts that convert

Real intent data-driven success starts with the accounts that are in-market and the active opt-in buyers who matter most. Available only from TechTarget.

With Priority Engine Prospect-Level Intent™, you’ll know exactly who to engage now.

You’ll know each buyer’s specific hot buttons, so you can speak to them on their terms, and align your strengths to what they care about.

Person using Priority Engine

You’ll know each buyer’s specific hot buttons, so you can speak to them on their terms, and align your strengths to what they care about.

You’ll even uncover their specific competitor interests, so you can position yourselves best.

Don’t wait to act on the demand in your markets.

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