Ronald Schmelzer

Ronald Schmelzer

Managing partner, Cognilytica

Ron is managing partner and founder of Cognilytica. He co-developed the firm's Cognitive Project Management for AI (CPMAI) methodology in use by Fortune 1000 firms and government agencies worldwide to effectively run and manage their AI and advanced data projects. Learn more about the Cognilytica methodology at

CPMAI+E certified, Ron is a lead instructor on CPMAI courses and training and is a sought-after expert on AI project management. He serves as chair of a number of industry groups focused on AI adoption and best practices, helping launch the AI working group at ATARC. The co-host of Cognilytica's AI Today podcast, Ron is also a regular Forbes contributor, a contributor to TechTarget Editorial's Enterprise AI site and SXSW Innovation Awards judge.

Prior to founding Cognilytica, Ron founded and ran ZapThink, an industry analyst firm focused on service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, web services, XML and enterprise architecture. The firm was acquired by Dovel Technologies in August 2011, which was subsequently acquired by Guidehouse. Ron received a bachelor's degree in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT, where his undergraduate advisor was well-known AI researcher Rodney Brooks. Ron also received an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

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