TechTarget News - Week of Mar 13, 2011

Data dedupe software comes of age

Dedupe appliances were the big dog for a long time, but software-based products have come on strong more recently, offering many useful capabilities, often at a lower cost than an appliance.

Sky to recruit 100 IT staff in Scotland

Sky is to create 100 permanent IT roles in Scotland as part of an expansion of its customer business systems team.

US presses punitive copyright deal on trade partners

The US is continuing its secret efforts to secure tougher copyright laws, even though its Hollywood-sponsored anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (Acta) has still to be validated, a leaked document has revealed.

Adobe warns of zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash

Adobe has published a security advisory for a critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash that can be used to take control of an attacked machine.

CIO interview: Marcus East, Comic Relief

In the run-up to Comic Relief's Red Nose Day on Friday 18 March, head of future media and technology Marcus East is having a frantic week - but we managed to take a few minutes of his time to get an update on IT preparations for the event.

Deutsche Bank uses social CRM to fine-tune corporate banking

Social media is driving product development at Deutsche Bank. The banking giant is using web 2.0 technologies to engage with 1,000 of its corporate customers, to find out how it can make corporate banking run more smoothly.

Trusteer debuts no-software malware protection

Secure web access firm Trusteer has announced a web login and transaction monitoring service to detect malware without installing software.

DWP cancelled £300m Fujitsu deal over transition deadline failures

The decision by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to cancel a £300m desktop support deal with Fujitsu before it even began will lead many in the public sector to question some IT suppliers' ability to deliver on their sales pitch.

RSA hit by advanced persistent threat attacks

RSA, the security division of EMC, has revealed that attackers have stolen information from the company's IT systems

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