TechTarget News - Week of Nov 24, 2013

Global public sector outsourcing far outstrips private sector

Global public sector organisations spent €7.4bn in the third quarter on IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO), compared with €4.6bn in the private sector.

Banks clamp down on traders in chat rooms

Traders at several banks have been banned from chat rooms in the wake of scandals including the manipulation of the Libor interbank lending rate

IT suppliers relaxed about contract visibility

IT and BPO suppliers Atos and Capita say they are relaxed about being more open about the often obscured details of large government contracts, as outsourcing giants are put under pressure by MPs to open up to public scrutiny

Janet6 ‘offers the future’ for research networking needs

Jisc takes back the network from a managed service provider to light up its own fibre and offer a future proofed service to researchers, universities, colleges and schools across the UK

Microsoft admits RT mistake

Microsoft has admitted that its RT operating system may have confused people, who expected full blown Windows.

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