TechTarget News - Week of Apr 23, 2017

Flash storage market shifting, Kaminario CEO says

Dani Golan of Kaminario sees NVMe as the next big disruptor in the flash market; says Kaminario focuses on cloud and SaaS, while legacy vendors fight over shrinking IT budgets.

Consortium hopes to drive autonomous car from London to Oxford

The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles has awarded an £8.6m grant to back a consortium attempting the UK’s first Level 4 autonomous vehicle test run, to take place within the next two-and-a-half years

Cancer researcher gets Nodeum LTFS tape NAS

Belgium-based OncoDNA replaces IBM tape library with flash-powered Nodeum LTFS to provide file access to backup and archive tapes at approaching nearline timescales

Violin flash storage emerges for encore, sans 'Memory'

Redux of Violin Memory's flash storage is under way with new CEO, new strategy and new ownership by Soros Fund Management's Quantum Partners. Will it finally turn a profit?

NSA spyware found infecting tens of thousands worldwide

A new security tool will let users scan their systems for the presence of NSA spyware found in the latest Equation Group leak, and tens of thousands are already infected.

Symantec certificate authority issues, answered

Google and Mozilla weigh the proper response to Symantec certificate authority issues, as the CA giant prepares an alternative proposal for reinstating trust.

Infor to buy cloud BI company Birst

Infor is buying cloud analytics firm Birst in a move to bolster its cloud-first ERP orientation

Demo shows GPUs are more than simple accelerators

Graphics processor units have helped to accelerate a reservoir simulation program, showing that the technology could be applied to complex code

Forge ahead with GDPR, says ICO

UK organisations cannot afford to lose the public’s trust in their ability to safeguard personal data and should be working to ensure they have that capability, says the Information Commissioner’s Office

Microsoft chief reveals Azure upsell strategy

Azure competes with AWS on price as an IaaS, but Satya Nadella sees this as a way to get CIOs to buy higher-level services

CIO interview: Mark Foulsham, chief digital officer, Scope

The charity’s chief digital officer is implementing a three-stage plan to transform the organisation through building internal capabilities and technology stack, as well as creating a digital framework

Still waiting for a cybersecurity executive order from Trump

News roundup: A cybersecurity executive order overdue, but 'close and nearby.' Plus, the USPTO says it will stop using HTTPS; a teenage hacker sentenced to prison; and more.

Verizon DBIR 2017: Basic cybersecurity focus misplaced

Basic cybersecurity measures like limiting password reuse and implementing multifactor authentication could be big benefits, according to the Verizon DBIR 2017.

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