TechTarget News - Week of Aug 13, 2017

Nimbus Data ExaDrive tunes into OEM channel

Nimbus Data claims ExaDrive can replace traditional disk in data centers. The 3.5-inch SSDs package flash and intelligent software, including data features in multiple ASICs.

Mobile data theft a risk from shared app libraries

Researchers claim malicious actors could commit mobile data theft by using shared third-party libraries and abusing elevated privileges that the permissions granted.

Fiat joins BMW's autonomous car platform initiative

Car makers Fiat and BMW are working in collaboration with Intel and Mobileye to develop a scalable platform for self-driving vehicles

A decade of IT change since banking meltdown

With 10 years passing since Northern Rock had to be bailed out by the government, we look at how banking IT has changed since the financial crisis

Developers lack skills needed for secure DevOps, survey shows

The growing demand for developers with security skills is outpacing supply, but a survey reveals that a lack of formal security education and training by employers is contributing to the growing skills gap

UK rail passengers don’t trust on-board Wi-Fi

YouGov survey commissioned by Cobham Wireless finds UK commuters are increasingly frustrated with connectivity standards on the rail network

Microsoft Exchange Online UM drops third-party PBX support

Some Microsoft customers must quickly re-evaluate their UC strategy after the vendor announced its intent to end third-party PBX support for Exchange Online Unified Messaging in 2018.

Tintri Cloud Connector writes VM backups to AWS, IBM

Tintri Enterprise Cloud enhances VMstore snapshots to cloud and expands predictive analytics for compute and storage. Cloud Connector treats the cloud as a tertiary repository.

Authorities can't force smartphone access in iOS 11

IOS 11 will allow users to avoid authorities attempting to force smartphone access by temporarily disabling biometric unlocking of mobile devices.

NotPetya ransomware impact costs Maersk hundreds of millions

Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk said the NotPetya ransomware attacks severely damaged business processes and the impact has been estimated at as much as $300 million in lost revenue.

Cisco revenues fall, likely to go lower

Top-line Cisco revenues fell in the July quarter, as the company's legacy switching business continued to weaken. Cisco could soon reach two straight years of revenue declines.

Hijacked Chrome extensions infect millions of users

News roundup: Hackers leveraged eight hijacked Chrome extensions to attack 4.8 million browser users. Plus, Cloudflare stopped protecting a neo-Nazi website from DDoS attacks, and more.

Offensive cyberweapons from enemies may be re-engineered

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency wants to isolate, study, customize and re-engineer malware from adversaries to be used as its own offensive cyberweapons.

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