TechTarget News - Week of Nov 05, 2017

Any online business a target of DDoS attacks

Any business that is online is susceptible to denial of service attacks and should ensure it has the capability to mitigate such attacks, says an industry practitioner who explains how

UK must ‘embrace technological change’, says Theresa May

As Brexit approaches, prime minister Theresa May says the country must work together to make Britain an “international centre for transformative technologies of the future”, and calls on industry to increase its R&D investment

At Dreamforce, Salesforce applications take center stage

Quip is expected to become the new Salesforce collaboration standard in Dreamforce unveiling; AppExchange and Einstein announcements reveal push into new markets.

Datrium storage system injects flash into the equation

Software-defined Datrium DVX storage is mostly used with standard servers. New Compute Nodes and Data Nodes with end-to-end flash expand on proprietary hardware launched in April.

New Citrix ShareFile features automate workflows

Organizations that perform repetitious business tasks can benefit from Citrix ShareFile's workflow feature, which has seen numerous updates recently.

Most UK small businesses in the dark over GDPR

There is still much work to be done before UK SMEs are fully prepared for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), business barometer shows

Dreamforce 2017: Benioff hails fourth industrial revolution

Salesforce CEO bangs drum for AI-infused cloud CRM as plank in so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, with increased customisation of its software to the fore

Benioff vaunts Google partnership at Dreamforce 2017

At Dreamforce 2017, Marc Benioff announces public cloud partnership with Google in keynote embracing AI-driven fourth industrial revolution

Fake WhatsApp app downloaded 1 million times

A fake WhatsApp app bypassed Google's Play Store checks and was downloaded 1 million times, but one expert said Google's store is still the safest place to get apps.

Cyber security skills a priority for UK government

The UK government is pursuing various short and long-term initiatives aimed at promoting the cyber security profession and growing skills in the sector, including supporting a professional body

Experts: Time is nigh for a Salesforce Lightning migration

'Everything forward will be Lightning,' was advice from one analyst at Dreamforce 2017. CommScope's experience proves a move to Salesforce Lightning may be easier than you think.

CrowdStrike outlines expansion plans in APAC

Endpoint security expert CrowdStrike plans to double its workforce in the APAC region next year on the back of triple-digit growth in sales and bookings since it opened its Sydney regional headquarters in June 2016

GDPR fines may affect almost 80% of US firms, poll shows

Most US companies risk fines for non-compliance with new European data protection laws that apply to all organisations processing any personal data of EU citizens

Panasas upgrades scale-out NAS to ASD-100 and ASH-100 nodes

New Panasas appliances upgrade CPU and RAM to double throughput while changing hardware architecture. Clustered NAS specialist says all-flash and tiers of flash are on the roadmap

Everyone has cyber security responsibility, says Euro commissioner

Everyone has a role to play in cyber security, including big market players – but if this is not done voluntarily, legislation may be required, says the European commissioner for security union

Dell EMC all-flash SC Series prepped for launch

Dell EMC all-flash inclusive added to the mix for SC Series and Unity arrays. The vendor said each of the midrange storage products has a large customer base.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 adds file, iSCSI, container support

Red Hat updates Ceph storage software with support for CephFS file system, iSCSI block interface and Linux container-based storage implementations, plus usability improvements.

Android KRACK flaw patched in latest security update

The latest security release from Google patched the Android KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi's WPA2 protocol, but update confusion leaves users unsure if they are safe.

Malaysia partners Huawei in cyber security

A joint steering committee will meet twice a year to address cyber security issues, among other measures to shore up Malaysia’s cyber security capabilities

Cyber attacks not impossible to manage, says ex-GCHQ head

Ex-GCHQ head says despite the growing number of sophisticated cyber threats, tackling them is not impossible, but business has to find new ways of finding cyber defenders in previously untapped pools of talent

University of East Anglia investigates another data leak

University is investigating a second leak in six months, illustrating that data breaches are often caused by non-malicious insiders and that organisations are not getting to grips with the problem

FBI hacking may have crossed international borders

New court documents indicate an FBI hacking operation may have crossed international borders and infected systems in Russia, China and Iran.

UK calls for more anti-terror tools in social media

The UK is calling on social media campaigns to do more to detect and remove “militant messaging” automatically, while former MI5 head issues another caution against tampering with encryption

ISPs agree to Ofcom broadband compensation proposals

BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet have agreed to introduce automatic compensation for consumers when their broadband service goes down

Remediation engine to improve Nyansa Voyance network monitoring

New remediation engine in Nyansa Voyance flags the cause of network troubles and recommends changes to correct it. Other improvements include more syslog data for better analytics.

Open standards will ease GDPR risk, says Kantara

Open standards will help organisations comply with new EU data protection regulations, while ensuring interoperability and a good user experience, according to a global standardisation group

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