TechTarget News - Week of Nov 12, 2017

DBS teams up with Equinix to reduce datacentre footprint

Building on earlier efforts to harness cloud computing to support growing compute workloads, DBS’s new private cloud datacentre will be smaller, greener and cheaper to run

Nordic states deepen cyber defence collaboration

Nordic and Baltic government leaders discuss pooling technologies and competences to counter hybrid threats within the cyber security domain

Muslim hactivists hack “unhackable” IS news site

A Muslim hacktivist group has hacked into Islamic State’s news site and published thousands of subscribers’ details just hours after the site claimed it was impenetrable

Violin rises from ashes with new products planned for 2018

Bankrupted all-flash pioneer’s CEO says company has learned the lessons of its demise and is planning file, object, software-defined storage and a careful entry into the NVMe market

Cyber and physical security are inseparable

Biometrics and pattern recognition, coupled with data from internet of things sensors, will provide the fabric of future smart ecosystems

Panasas storage, director blades split into separate devices

Panasas hybrid storage offers 57 PB of raw capacity with 200 shelves. ActiveStor Director 100 sits atop a rack of Panasas arrays. Customers can scale types and capacities of media.

GDPR impact complex, expert warns

The full impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is complex, warns the head of ICT at T-Systems Belgium

Ditch witch brings FTTP broadband to Highland hamlets

Openreach has been testing new network design techniques, and a brand new digger, as it rolls out full fibre broadband to some of the UK’s remotest communities

Operational issues are putting telcos off NFV, report claims

Telecoms operators and other comms services providers face roadblocks when it comes to network functions virtualisation, thanks to a range of operational issues, says consultant Cartesian

New VEP Charter promises vulnerability transparency

The White House wants a more open Vulnerabilities Equities Process and has unveiled a new VEP Charter in order to promote transparency in bug reviews.

The race is on to build a 5G business case, says BT CEO

Speaking at a Huawei mobile broadband event, BT CEO Gavin Patterson said telcos and mobile operators must overcome the challenge of building viable business cases for investment in 5G mobile networks – and quickly

Free Quad9 internet threat protection launched

IBM, Packet Clearing House and the Global Cyber Alliance join forces to protect businesses and consumers from internet threats free of charge

ICO pushes for jail terms for personal data snoops

Information Commissioner’s Office says it backs prison sentences for anyone abusing their position to access personal data unlawfully

Data report posits post-Brexit productivity uplift

A report published to coincide with Big Data London 2017 finds UK organisations confident that data skills investment will engender productivity uplift, despite Brexit

Quobyte preps 2.0 Data Center File System software update

One startup's 'Google-style' software-defined storage upgrade features 'table stakes,' such as volume mirroring for disaster recovery and support for Mac and Windows clients.

LiveAction software focuses on provisioning resources

Bloggers look into LiveAction software aimed at provisioning resources, the threat posed by the cybersecurity skills shortage and using Linux for data center switches.

Malaysia’s digital economy on track

Deputy prime minister outlines Malaysia’s digital efforts, noting that the digital economy will account for one-fifth of the country’s GDP by 2020

Researchers bypass iPhone X security feature Face ID

News roundup: In under a week after its release, researchers were able to bypass the main iPhone X security feature, Face ID. Plus, Microsoft patched a 17-year-old flaw, and more.

Business crucial to cyber crime fight, say UK cyber cops

Business has a crucial role in fighting cyber crime in terms of intelligence sharing and pursuing cyber criminals, according to the country’s top cyber cops

Google bug bounty pays $100,000 for Chrome OS exploit

An anonymous security researcher has once again earned the top Google bug bounty prize in the Chrome Reward Program for a Chrome OS exploit chain.

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