TechTarget News - Week of Nov 12, 2017

DBS teams up with Equinix to reduce datacentre footprint

Building on earlier efforts to harness cloud computing to support growing compute workloads, DBS’s new private cloud datacentre will be smaller, greener and cheaper to run

Muslim hactivists hack “unhackable” IS news site

A Muslim hacktivist group has hacked into Islamic State’s news site and published thousands of subscribers’ details just hours after the site claimed it was impenetrable

Panasas storage, director blades split into separate devices

Panasas hybrid storage offers 57 PB of raw capacity with 200 shelves. ActiveStor Director 100 sits atop a rack of Panasas arrays. Customers can scale types and capacities of media.

New VEP Charter promises vulnerability transparency

The White House wants a more open Vulnerabilities Equities Process and has unveiled a new VEP Charter in order to promote transparency in bug reviews.

Quobyte preps 2.0 Data Center File System software update

One startup's 'Google-style' software-defined storage upgrade features 'table stakes,' such as volume mirroring for disaster recovery and support for Mac and Windows clients.

LiveAction software focuses on provisioning resources

Bloggers look into LiveAction software aimed at provisioning resources, the threat posed by the cybersecurity skills shortage and using Linux for data center switches.

Researchers bypass iPhone X security feature Face ID

News roundup: In under a week after its release, researchers were able to bypass the main iPhone X security feature, Face ID. Plus, Microsoft patched a 17-year-old flaw, and more.

Google bug bounty pays $100,000 for Chrome OS exploit

An anonymous security researcher has once again earned the top Google bug bounty prize in the Chrome Reward Program for a Chrome OS exploit chain.

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