TechTarget News - Week of Dec 31, 2017

Ransomware to hit cloud computing in 2018, predicts MIT

Ransomware targeting cloud services is one of the six biggest cyber threats likely to face organisations in 2018, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top UK and US firms still overestimating GDPR readiness

Less than five months before the compliance deadline for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), most top UK and US firms are still overestimating their state of readiness, a study suggests

IOHIDeous is a macOS zero-day for the new year

A newly discovered macOS zero-day flaw, called IOHIDeous, affects all versions of Apple's desktop operating system and can allow for full-system compromise.

Colt to expand datacentre footprint in APAC

Datacentre service provider Colt is laying the groundwork to build datacentres in India and Singapore, and is working on new datacentre technologies to improve energy efficiency

IoT botnet DDoS attacks predicted after exploit code published

Security researchers are urging businesses to ensure they are prepared for large-scale DDoS attacks following the online publication of code to exploit a vulnerability in Huawei HG532 routers

Smartphone production to plateau in 2018, says report

After a bumper year, driven chiefly by growth in the Chinese market, smartphone production will begin to slow in 2018, according to analysts at TrendForce

Training in key areas being offered to resellers

The year is just a few days old and already vendors are making sure that the channel can get access to training to support some of the key areas

What the EU’s new data protection regime means for ASEAN

A large proportion of businesses in the regional economic grouping will be affected by Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, but awareness of the new rules remains low, even in countries with existing data protection laws

Critical Intel security patch will slow PCs, servers and Macs

AMD shares rise on news that the performance of millions of Windows PCs, Linux servers and Apple Macs is to be impacted by critical updates for a recently discovered security flaw in Intel chips manufactured in the past 10 years

Apache Hadoop 3.0 goes GA, adds hooks for cloud and GPUs

Is this the post-Hadoop era? Not in the eyes of Hadoop 3.0 backers, who see the latest update to the big data framework succeeding in machine learning applications and cloud systems.

Intel CPU flaw gets third-party patch but no details

Release of a third-party patch for a mysterious Intel CPU flaw led to many questions but few answers, and details on the issue may not be imminent.

Intel, Nokia prepping APAC telcos for 5G wave

The two tech firms are among others that have been working with telcos across the Asia-Pacific region to test 5G technologies and applications

Nordic banks face digitisation decisions over PSD2

With the latest version of the EU payment services directive coming into force, traditional Nordic banks can’t afford to slow their digital transformations

NHS Coventry connects GPs to CityFibre broadband

NHS Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group is upgrading to full-fibre broadband infrastructure for GP practices and community health centres

Four healthcare technology trends to watch in 2018

Healthcare organizations should be prepared to see applications for blockchain and more uses for AI in 2018. Analytics provided by EHR vendors will also emerge.

Reduxio Systems' storage wows human resources specialist

Reduxio HX550 hybrid arrays provide primary storage with native data protection for CPP's talent management software, which includes a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

Zayo SD-WAN available as a managed or on-premises product

Zayo Group has launched an SD-WAN product. The Zayo SD-WAN is available as an on-premises or managed product. Zayo is a bandwidth infrastructure provider in the U.S. and Europe.

Managing first-hop router complexity with an IPv6 prefix

This week, bloggers explore IPv6 prefix complexities, the reasons behind high turnover among CISOs and whether the adage 'just reboot it' holds true with advanced wireless LANs.

Apple confirms all devices affected by Meltdown and Spectre

Apple has confirmed that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by the recently discovered microprocessor exploits as the financial services industry assesses the risk

Channel can help users deal with Meltdown fears

With the world reacting to the Meltdown and Spectre microprocessor chip flaws the channel is in a prime position to offer customers advice

Case study: Doing digital the Stockport way

Stockport Council’s digital programme is working to transform services for both citizens and staff, saving chunks of money and driving efficiency at the same time

Patch systems against Meltdown and Spectre, urges ICO

UK’s data protection watchdog is calling for organisations to apply security updates to mitigate against exploits of microprocessor flaws as soon as possible to safeguard personal data

A DHS data breach exposed PII of over 250,000 people

News roundup: A DHS data breach exposed PII of 250,000 federal employees, as well as investigative data from 2002 to 2014. Plus, a new bill aims to nix paperless voting, and more.

AT&T 5G headed for 12 U.S. markets this year

AT&T plans to roll out 5G mobile services in a dozen U.S. markets by the end of the year. But details on the AT&T 5G services have not been released.

Meltdown and Spectre target cloud computing environments

Hackers could target cloud computing environments to exploit the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, but AWS, Microsoft and Google say their fixes are enough to bar the doors.

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