TechTarget News - Week of Mar 11, 2018

UK leads global upward trend in SOC maturity

The UK is leading the way towards more efficient security operations centres, but many still continue to operate with serious gaps in security, a report reveals

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

More movement in the channel with boards being strengthened, consultancy departments padded out and R&D getting a boost

Politicians need to be more involved in tech, says Sadiq Khan

Flying the flag for the UK capital at the SXSW festival in Texas, London mayor Sadiq Khan says government should “do more” for technology, as well as mitigate the risks that come with it, and calls on social media firms to take responsibility for hate speech on their platforms

IIC addresses industrial IoT security on endpoints

In a new document, the Industrial Internet Consortium abridges IEC and NIST publications, offering clear, concise guidance to ensure IIoT security in connected plants.

SAP Ariba Live focuses on procurement for purpose

SAP Ariba Live 2018 focused on the idea that businesses can use procurement technology to do good in the world; for example, by using supply chains to expose forced child labor.

New Microsoft Teams features include Cortana integration

The latest Microsoft Teams features include foreign language translation of messages, recording of meetings and integration with the Cortana voice assistant.

Singapore tops global rankings on smart cities

The city-state of Singapore was lauded for its efforts in tapping the internet of things to improve public infrastructure and services in a global study by Juniper Research

Watch out for digital legacy in manufacturing

Digital twins are the next innovation in manufacturing, but will the file formats and hardware be around for as long as the assets being modelled?

Slingshot router malware: a warning for businesses

A stealthy malware that has been used to carry out cyber espionage undetected for six years should raise a red flag to businesses, say security commentators

Public sector organisations ill-prepared for GDPR

Public sector organisations in the UK need to do much more to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation rule on providing information to citizens about details held about them

Industrial robots set to cut out human workforce

Greater operational efficiency and a reduction in errors are among the benefits of industrial robots – but the biggest savings are in staffing

Scrivito unveils serverless CMS product

By building the CMS with ReactJS, Scrivito gained attraction with development community, according to an analyst.

Binance bounty offered for info on attempted attack

A failed attack led to a Binance bounty offer of $250,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the threat actors responsible for the attempted cryptocurrency theft.

Hammond delivers tech-positive Spring Statement

Delivering his Spring Statement, the chancellor bangs the drum for UK tech businesses, confirms £25m for 5G testbeds, allocates full-fibre funding and highlights the need for digital skills

Researchers claim AMD flaws threaten Ryzen, EPYC chips

Ryzen and EPYC AMD flaws were partially detailed with just 24 hours' disclosure notice, despite potentially significant exploits, including secure processor takeover or security bypass.

Cisco-BroadSoft cloud PBX to bring telephony to Spark

Cisco plans to use the BroadSoft cloud PBX to open Spark to the public telephone network. The PBX came with the Cisco-BroadSoft acquisition completed last month.

Stoke Council picks VX Fiber to light up fibre broadband network

VX Fiber’s Open Access Platform will allow Stoke-on-Trent council to realise a return on its fibre investment while bringing gigabit broadband services to homes and businesses

Intel microcode updates complicate admin patching duties

March Patch Tuesday adds several more mitigations for the Spectre and Meltdown exploits, this time for 32-bit server and client operating systems.

APAC security chiefs expect imminent attack on critical systems

Nearly 70% of cyber security leaders in the APAC region believe a major attack affecting critical infrastructure across multiple countries will happen in the next two years, a survey reveals

Amazon Rekognition goes live in AWS Sydney region

The cloud-based AI service from Amazon Web Services has already drawn a diverse set of Australian businesses, paving the way for greater adoption of AI in Australia

Tech Data beefs up credit support

The distributor has formed a team with a brief to provide positive credit answers to SME resellers looking to grow

ONF puts focus on white box switches with Stratum project

The Open Networking Foundation formed Stratum, an open source networking project intended to create more interoperability among white box switches and network operating systems.

Users share team collaboration software strategies

Many companies are pursuing a team collaboration software strategy to consolidate messaging on one platform to streamline IT and end user communications.

'Intelligent tutoring systems' use AI to boost student IQ

Intelligent tutoring systems that track how a student learns become smarter and more useful with practice, according to Carnegie Mellon University's Ken Koedinger. It's all about the data.

Panzura storage adds Private Secure Site Mode feature

The Panzura Freedom 7.1 cloud storage software release features Private Secure Site Mode to let security-focused IT organizations disable external communications.

Government setting up local planning group to support 5G roll-out

Digital minister Margot James is building a new initiative to support collaboration on 5G mobile network roll-out at a local level, bringing together councils, landowners and industry to work on planning challenges and policy

Avaya Mobile Experience could lower contact center costs

The new Avaya Mobile Experience helps contact centers manage incoming calls from mobile phones. Analysts said the latest service could help reduce costs.

Pivot3 Acuity X3 eyes big opportunities in smaller spaces

Pivot3 expands its Acuity hyper-converged line with X3 Series. The NVMe flash appliances help smaller departments consolidate mixed application workloads on a common system.

Ready for artificial intelligence in speech recognition?

Artificial intelligence in speech recognition is transforming the technology, but are enterprises ready to employ these new tools within their operations?

New Masergy UCaaS feature helps avoid overpayments

Masergy UCaaS customers can use their human resource applications to automate adding and deleting UCaaS users. The new feature can avoid overpayments.

Full-fibre broadband voucher scheme gets green light

Chancellor Philip Hammond has signed off on £67m to fund full-fibre broadband connections for small businesses around the UK

Alibaba Cloud’s Indonesia datacentre is open for business

The Chinese cloud supplier is pulling all stops to expand its Asia-Pacific footprint, including training local cloud professionals and nabbing notable customers – including one of Indonesia’s top e-commerce companies

Openreach to open 12 fibre broadband engineering schools

Openreach has opened the first of 12 planned training centres around the UK as it sets out to recruit more than 3,000 fibre broadband engineers

Infosys announces more US jobs

Indian supplier Infosys continues to open hubs and recruit more IT professionals in the US

Is it best to buy or build a network automation system?

Bloggers explore the question of buying versus building a network automation system, the challenges of hyper-converged infrastructure and the integration of AI into enterprise IT.

Tesco appoints new chief technology officer

Supermarket giant’s new CTO joins from Airbus and will continue to implement retailer’s digital transformation programme

SolarWinds SRM keeps an eye on new all-flash arrays

SolarWinds updates Storage Resource Monitor to support more all-flash arrays and adds application-dependency functionality to Server & Application Monitor.

AWS attacks rivals with Amazon Chime pricing

Amazon Web Services is switching Amazon Chime pricing to a usage model to lure businesses away from rivals Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Spark. The new pricing starts in April.

Companies ill-equipped to combat malicious AI

Companies are on the precipice of being attacked by malicious AI but lack the skills and tools needed to put up a basic defense, according to ISACA's Rob Clyde.

Analysts: How to make IBM Cloud services more competitive

To make IBM Cloud more competitive, Big Blue must stand by its enterprise base, while it also satisfies the developer community and expands its infrastructure tools.

UK demand for AI professionals has almost tripled in three years

As the technology landscape changes, so do the skills organisations need, and research by jobsite Indeed has revealed a big rise in demand for people with artificial intelligence skills

Three reaches 10 million customer milestone

UK’s smallest “big four” mobile operator reflects on a solid year as it gears up for the imminent spectrum auction

US blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy firms

The US has blamed Russia for a series of attacks on energy sector firms, underlining the need to ensure critical infrastructure IT systems are up to date and secure

Tech won’t solve Brexit UK-Ireland border challenges, say MPs

There is no evidence of any technical solution “anywhere in the world” that would help avoid physical infrastructure at the UK-Ireland border post-Brexit, according to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Cyber criminals using complex financial system, study shows

Cyber criminals are using a combination of new cryptocurrencies, gaming currencies and micro-payments to launder up to $200bn in ill-gotten gains, research has revealed

Ofcom sets out 5G spectrum auction process

Regulator has given details of the two-stage 5G mobile network spectrum auction process that will begin next week

IT contractors not a risk despite Snowden leaks, GCHQ tells court

The government argues in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that contractors with systems administration rights to computers holding GCHQ’s most sensitive intelligence pose no more of a security risk than the agency’s employees

Salesforce small business tools get major refresh

Emphasizing the 'S' in 'SMB,' Salesforce goes after companies with 20 employees or less with Salesforce Essentials -- with hooks into Trailhead's free training.

Yahoo Japan deploys intent-based network with Apstra AOS

Yahoo Japan deploys an Apstra intent-based network to oversee multiple vendors. Cisco touts Los Angeles Hospital, as well as the benefits it's getting from its DNA strategy.

Twilio Flex provides a customizable cloud contact center platform

Twilio Flex offers a customizable interface that sits atop the vendor's application development platform. The offering could appeal to large enterprises looking for a flexible cloud contact center platform.

IBM Cloud services to secure mainframes out to the edge

Big Blue will introduce IBM Cloud services that use blockchain, containers and its z14 mainframes to deliver improved security across cloud and on-premises environments.

Ethernet bandwidth costs fall to a six-year low

Ethernet bandwidth costs in data center switches fell to a six-year low in 2017. Crehan Research reported cloud provider demand for speed was behind the drop.

IBM Cloud Garage Method on display at Think conference

Playing to its roots in services, IBM plans to demonstrate how its Garage development methodology can help startups and enterprises 'think' through cloud projects.

Russian government hacking earns U.S. sanctions, warnings

The U.S. Treasury Department levied sanctions for Russian government hacking, as a joint alert from the FBI and DHS confirms election meddling and critical infrastructure attacks.

Accenture-Disney deal: Blockchain at the movies

A recently revealed Accenture-Disney alliance aims to apply virtual reality, machine learning and blockchain in immersive entertainment and film production; other news.

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