TechTarget News - Week of Dec 02, 2018

Police investigations into cyber crime up 14% in a year

Officers forced to follow up over 2,500 complaints of Instagram, Facebook, email and website hacking, and Bitcoin ransom, despite a rise in violent crime, report reveals

BT announces new head of security business

BT has appointed a former law enforcement officer and BT investigator as the new head of its security business

Sabio looks East for latest acquisition

Customer experience player makes a second purchase this year adding both technology and a wider geographical footprint

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Another busy seven days in the channel with a few weeks left in the year for some fresh faces to start to make an impression

100 million user details exposed

Question-and-answer site is the latest organisation to admit a breach of users’ personal data, with industry commentators calling out credential theft as a top cause of such breaches

Commvault channel chief delivering on the vision

Earlier this year Owen Taraniuk talked about how he planned to make life better for partners and change the approach Commvault was taking and he has been true to his word

Zopa gains banking licence and prepares launch

Peer-to-peer lending pioneer Zopa is turning its attention to retail banking in the UK, with plans to offer savings, credit and money management products

As commercial 5G nears, small cells generate interest

Interest in small cells as an element of commercial 5G mobile networks is growing, particularly in countries with supportive regulatory environments. Meanwhile, a UK trial of wholesale small cell infrastructure has kicked off in London

‘Open-minded’ DVSA cuts cost of MOT testing

Government agency harnesses customised open source platform to ensure data security while cutting costs and plans to extend its MOT testing capability to do the same for drivers’ theory tests

Kubernetes security vulnerability reveals fractured market

Enterprises that pay for Kubernetes support will respond differently to this week's critical security vulnerability than lean DevOps teams that use upstream distributions.

Cisco brings Webex Teams messaging to Jabber client

Cisco is bringing Webex Teams messaging, file sharing, presence and search features to the Jabber client as part of a broader effort to streamline its UC apps.

UK consumers threaten data breach backlash

Most UK and global consumers are willing to walk away from businesses that fail to look after personal data, with retailers most at risk, research shows

AWS Outposts shaped by on-prem forerunner from Microsoft

AWS Outposts immediately drew comparison to Microsoft Azure Stack, but Amazon said it designed its service differently based on perceived weaknesses in the competition's offering.

New VirusTotal hash causes drop in antivirus detection rates

Questions were raised about how antivirus vendors use the VirusTotal database after a researcher highlighted a significant drop in malware detection rates following an upload of a new VirusTotal hash.

Juniper ATP appliance gets broader device support

Juniper has bolstered the security features in its Advanced Threat Prevention product. The vendor also released a Juniper ATP appliance for midsize enterprises.

UK can do more to explore potential of quantum tech

The government has been urged to address use cases, security and skills, and proposed a series of new innovation centres, to enable the UK to fully capture the opportunity presented by quantum technology

Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide features list 2019

Here is our 2019 schedule of up-and-coming in-depth articles that will cover carefully selected topics to help IT leaders select the right technology for their organisation

Adobe releases Flash patch for zero-day exploit

Emergency security update released for zero-day vulnerability that is being exploited in the wild via a Microsoft Office document, according to researchers

Software failure paralyses O2’s 4G network

O2 is racing to fix a major outage on its 4G network that has left millions of mobile subscribers without access to data services

China demands release of arrested Huawei CFO

The Chinese government has called for the release of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, who was detained in Canada at the weekend

Fileless malware surge, warns Malwarebytes report 

Data from millions of consumers reveals an uptick in fileless malware and other new-generation malware that calls for a new cyber security approach, report reveals

Tablets get a pre-yuletide boost

Distribution has seen plenty of tablets coming through the warehouses according to the latest market analysis from Context

BT and KCOM named broadband USO suppliers

Ofcom has named BT, and in East Yorkshire, KCOM, as the designated providers for the incoming broadband universal service obligation

AWS' enterprise efforts shift to prescriptive services

AWS gives users plenty of options, but with that diversity comes complexity. In response, the cloud vendor is poised to move into new territory to appease its enterprise customers.

NSO Group's Pegasus spyware linked to Saudi journalist death

Soon after the Pegasus spyware was linked to the death of a Mexican journalist, a new lawsuit alleged the NSO Group and its spyware were also linked to the death of a Saudi journalist.

IT pros look to iPaaS tools for LOB integration demands

App integration and automation are tricky for IT, particularly when business users launch their own projects. Workato is among the many iPaaS vendors who aim to address this need.

Oracle HPC cloud aims at mainstream business data

ERP managers are finding more reasons to turn to high-performance computing to improve the performance of big data analysis and machine learning models.

Portworx update targets hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

PX-Enterprise 2.0 moves beyond storage for stateful container-based applications to provide data migration and management across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Oracle-DataFox acquisition could expand users' AI options

Oracle AI capabilities are likely to see a boost, as the vendor now has access to machine learning algorithms that can automatically distill useful information from large bodies of text.

NRCC email breach confirmed eight months later

A security company was brought in to investigate a National Republican Congressional Committee breach from April, but little is known about the NRCC email theft.

Security driving SD-WAN interest

The channel might have thought that talking about cost savings was the way to spark an SD-WAN conversation into life but they might need to think again

Oculeus unveils cloud service for toll fraud prevention

Oculeus-Protect, a toll fraud prevention service, automatically ends phone calls determined to be the result of PBX hacking -- a threat that costs businesses billions of dollars annually.

Packet broker added to Big Switch cloud fabric on AWS

Big Switch cloud fabric for AWS has a network packet broker. The company launched Big Mon for the cloud this week. Upcoming tech includes Big Cloud Fabric and Multi-Cloud Director.

Facebook app permissions skirted rules to gather call logs

New email messages revealed that Facebook app permissions were carefully implemented to avoid alerting users to the fact that the Android app was gathering call log and SMS data.

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