TechTarget News - Week of Oct 30, 2022

SoftIron’s HyperCloud to ease private cloud deployments

SoftIron claims its technology stack fully automates the provisioning of storage, compute, networking and infrastructure services, providing a fully functioning, multi-tenant cloud

Huawei launches all-band 5G series

Chinese comms tech provider unveils new concept in next-generation mobile communications with set of solutions designed to facilitate the evolution of all bands to 5G infrastructure

Westcoast merges with German player Komsa

The alliance between Westcoast and Komsa will create an operation that covers the UK, Ireland, France and Germany

Prepare today for potentially high-impact OpenSSL bug

OpenSSL trailed a critical vulnerability patch last week, which will be only the second such flaw ever found in the open source encryption project. Unfortunately, the first was Heartbleed

Channel roundup: Who’s gone where?

Another busy week in the industry as moves are made to gain expertise to support growth

Capital One machine learning report points to partnering

A study of data management decision-makers suggests collaboration will play an important role in evolving enterprise machine learning, but a partner's proven experience will be key.

DEI policies and politics divide workplace

In today's workplace, many employees avoid co-workers they don't agree with politically, and also work to resist business efforts to deploy DEI policies.

UK hybrid workers feel the strain

Survey reveals that UK homeworkers suffer most in Europe from a poor working experience, in turn leading to knock-on negative effect in customer experience due to lack of space

How Elastic is going beyond enterprise search

Elastic has been doubling down on the security and observability capabilities of its open-source platform, going beyond its roots in enterprise search

A third of UK cyber leaders want to quit, report says

Nearly a third of UK security leaders are considering leaving their current role, and more than half are struggling to keep on top of their workload

Cisco Networking Academy offers rookie cybersecurity classes

Cisco's cybersecurity track equips students for entry-level positions, including cybersecurity technician, junior cybersecurity analyst, and tier 1 help desk support role.

Report reveals ‘clear gaps’ in UK’s broadband safety net

Latest update on progress of broadband roll-out guarantees from April to September 2022 shows worrying signs that as the cost-of-living crisis rolls on, swathes of the UK population could be priced out of gaining acceptable broadband

Veritas Alta brings enterprise backup management to cloud

Veritas Alta looks to bring the full suite of Veritas Technologies backup products into the cloud with SaaS purchasing options and a new suite of management tools.

Promises, potential pitfalls of software-enabled flash

An open source project is aiming to upend how storage architecture runs, but for developers to see potential gains, they'll have to invest in both hardware and software.

Security AI shifts left into DevSecOps

DevSecOps vendors such as GitLab and Palo Alto's Prisma Cloud embrace security AI throughout the software development lifecycle, as IT trust in AI grows.

OpenSSL vulnerabilities get high-priority patches

The OpenSSL Project released version 3.0.7 Tuesday to address a pair of high-severity buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the widely used cryptography library.

Truespeed invests £22m into South-West full-fibre roll-out

With the addition of 12 new areas to its gigabit broadband network, Bath-based UK altnet expands full-fibre network access to parts of home city and regions of South Gloucestershire and North Somerset

Tech to drive collaboration and fend off recession at UK medium firms

Report from Virgin Media O2 Business finds almost half of medium-sized businesses want more IT support to help drive their business ambition and with such firms’ employees only spending a quarter of their time in the office, cutting-edge tech is needed to help them collaborate and work smarter

Alibaba Cloud debuts cloud-powered laptop

Alibaba Cloud launches a cloud-powered laptop that will enable mobile workers to crunch compute-intensive workloads without the need for more powerful machines

OpenSSL vulnerabilities ‘not as bad as feared’

As previously trailed, OpenSSL patched two buffer overflow vulnerabilities, neither of them as impactful as had been feared

SCC sets out £300m M&A war chest

Channel player makes it clear that it is going to be dipping into the acquisition market in the next few years

UK spent £6.4m on secret cyber package for Ukraine

Westminster has revealed for the first time the existence of a previously top-secret security programme that has been helping Ukraine fend off Russian cyber attacks

Dropbox code compromised in phishing attack

Cloud storage service says malicious actors successfully accessed some of its code within GitHub, but insists customer data is secure

Alation set to advance data intelligence with new $123M

The data intelligence vendor, which aims to help enterprises organize data with data catalog technology, sees fundraising success and market demand for its platform.

U.S. Treasury: Ransomware attacks increased in 2021

A new report from the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network showed an increase in businesses reporting ransomware attacks in the second half of 2021.

Almost 70% of businesses held back by talent shortage

Digital leaders in the UK have growing concerns about attracting and retaining talent, with many saying a lack of talent is standing in the way of change

Why technology change is slow at larger firms

Firms that commit to a single cloud provider and a lack of investment in improving developer productivity can drive up costs and slow down the pace of change, technology leaders say

All NHS staff should have basic AI training, says report

A report by the NHS AI Lab and Health Education England calls for all health and care staff to receive training in artificial intelligence as the technology will be increasingly adopted in healthcare practice

The Security Interviews: Building trust online

Consumer reviews website Trustpilot has built and scaled its IT security team and is now turning to agile methods and DevSecOps to further enhance its cyber capabilities

BT sees fibre and 5G advances in H1

After ‘building and connecting like fury’, UK incumbent telco claims to be remaining on the front foot in current turbulent times and nears nine million mark in fibre deployment

Aerospike Cloud advances real-time database service

The database vendor has steadily advanced its core database technology in 2022 with JSON and Trino support and is now building out a new database-as-a-service platform.

Capital One study cites ML anomaly detection as top use case

The bank itself is making ML a key part of its digital transformation strategy, deploying the technology to locate aberrations, detect fraud and support marketing.

Qlik launches new cloud-based data integration platform

The new integration platform as a service joins data preparation and cataloging capabilities in one place, enabling organizations ready their data in real time for analysis.

Pega CTO: Ethical AI for developers demands transparency

Pegasystems CTO Don Schuerman believes the cure for AI's ethical issues lies in broad data inputs, being sensitive to biases and algorithms that make explainable decisions.

New ServiceNow apps automate organizational productivity

ServiceNow rolled out applications for the Now Platform that assists IT shops with organizational productivity planning and building flexible hybrid work environments.

Ransomware on the rise, hitting schools and healthcare

October ransomware disclosures and public reports tracked by TechTarget Editorial increased from previous months, with notable attacks on education and healthcare organizations.

Aiven expands in APAC, builds new capabilities

Managed service provider of open source databases and data platforms Aiven grew its business in Asia-Pacific by over 100% over the past year, and is now building new capabilities in data warehouses and other areas

Networks division stars as SES shows solid Q3 2022

Global satellite operator continues to benefit from its pivot away from video and to business connectivity, reporting a positive third quarter but continued revenue decline for its video business

UK government approach to space industry lacks coherence and investment

As satellite broadband industry rockets, report from Commons Science and Technology Committee criticises government’s failures in key technical areas and continues to question value to taxpayer of OneWeb joint venture

Elon Musk begins mass Twitter layoffs via email

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has begun the process of cutting the company’s workforce in half, but is already facing a legal backlash for allegedly violating US labour laws

11:11 makes double acquisition to bolster market position

Move for Sungard Availability Services’ Recovery Services business and Sungard AS’s Cloud and Managed Services business adds to a growing number of deals struck this year

HR: AI in the workplace complements jobs -- for now

Advice from HR about AI in the workplace can be summed up in one word: Relax. They see AI taking over admin burdens, freeing up employees for other work. But some remain concerned.

Yanluowang ransomware gang goes dark after leaks

The Yanluowang ransomware operation appears to have shut down for the time being after an anonymous individual published a series of internal code and chat leaks.

Finding value in AI in the age of digitization

Even as enterprises invest in AI technology, they are not applying it strategically, although they attempt to change their operations to become more focused on technology.

Go updates to tackle pain points, but Golang 2 is dead

Go Day 2022 highlights include possible Go updates to tackle compatibility, security and developer pain points such as for-loop scoping. But Golang 2 will never happen.

Content moderation under Musk won't trigger legal reform

While Musk is facing legal and business challenges since taking over Twitter, it's not likely that his content moderation policies will trigger any changes to federal laws.

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