TechTarget News - Week of Apr 23, 2023

IBM launches AI-powered security offering QRadar Suite

IBM aims to use QRadar Suite's AI features, which it calls the 'unified analyst experience,' to enable security analysts to focus on higher-priority work.

Slack releases updated API platform for developers

The instant messaging collaboration vendor released its updated API platform for developers to create functions that interact with APIs.

Channel round-up: Who’s gone where?

Several senior positions have been filled in the past working week as experience is sought across the industry

Most IT staff uncomfortable deploying surveillance tech at work

The IT teams responsible for deploying and running digital surveillance in workplaces say they are uncomfortable with “extremely common” practice of spying on colleagues, research finds

Foley legal AI lowers cost of reviewing tech contracts

Foley & Lardner decided to embrace legal AI in its recently launched online contract review software. The top 50 law firm expects AI to eventually handle most routine legal tasks.

IBM acquires Ahana, steward of open source PrestoDB

The purchase not only gives IBM a managed SaaS and AWS marketplace version of the popular open-source Presto database, but membership in the Presto Foundation as well.

Almost three-quarters of cyber attacks involve ransomware

Data from Sophos’s annual Active Adversary Report reveals that almost three-quarters of the cyber security incidents it responded to in 2022 involved ransomware

Nvidia NeMo Guardrails addresses trust concerns with AI bots

The toolkit enables enterprises to control the way large language models such as ChatGPT react to certain inquiries. It targets concerns enterprises have about trust and safety.

KubeCon highlights open source to combat climate change

Addressing climate change takes a community. At KubeCon Europe 2023, experts discussed how open source practices and projects can foster sustainability.

DOJ's Monaco addresses 'misperception' of Joe Sullivan case

In her RSA Conference keynote, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was asked if the prosecution of former Uber CSO Joe Sullivan damaged trust with the private sector.

Google, Mandiant highlight top threats, evolving adversaries

Enterprises are struggling to keep up as adversary groups improve tactics. But one of the most difficult groups to defend against, according to Google and Mandiant, was a surprise.

Salesforce brings Einstein GPT to Field Service Mobile

The CRM giant harnesses generative AI to let Field Service Mobile users create drafts and discuss customer problems on Slack and help them find self-service tools.

Knime updates Business Hub to ease data science deployment

The vendor is adding a tool that enables continuous integration and deployment of AI and ML models to help organizations better operationalize data science efforts.

Bugcrowd CTO talks hacker feedback, vulnerability disclosure

Bugcrowd CTO Casey Ellis said the company's new penetration testing service helps establish the company beyond public perception of it being purely a bug bounty platform.

A fine, earnings and new tech for Seagate

Seagate faces a $300 million fine for selling HDDs to Huawei and reported less than stellar earnings, but it continues to press forward on HDD technology.

Rising AI tide sweeps over RSA Conference, cybersecurity

AI is everywhere at RSA Conference 2023, though experts have differing views about why the technology has become omnipresent and how it will best serve cybersecurity.

RSAC panel warns AI poses unintended security consequences

A panel of experts at RSA conference 2023 warned of hallucinations and inherent biases but also said generative AI can assist in incident response and other security needs.

M1 doubles down on maritime 5G

Seafarers will be able to access telemedicine services while out at sea, among other maritime 5G applications M1 is rolling out in Singapore’s waters

Google researchers identify hole in Intel TDX

Intel has worked with Google to figure out how to harden the TDX module in Xeon chips to boost the security of virtual machines

UK government introduces Digital Markets Bill to Parliament

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill will seek to level the playing field in digital markets by empowering regulators with new tools and powers to directly enforce competition and consumer protection laws

Ransomware gang exploiting unpatched Veeam backup products

Cyber criminals with links to multiple virulent ransomware strains are exploiting a recently disclosed vulnerability in Veeam’s Backup & Replication product, threat analysts have warned

FluidOne buys again and Leading Resolutions undergoes MBO

Changes in business ownership continue to be a feature of the evolving channel landscape, with FluidOne snapping up project five, and Leading Resolutions building on growth with a management buyout

Researchers deal blow to Gootloader gang that supported REvil

Thousands of compromised WordPress blogs have been spreading the Gootloader malware for years, but eSentire’s security research team are turning the tables on the gang that played a key role in REvil ransomware attacks

Police Scotland receive formal notice about cloud system

Scotland’s biometrics watchdog has issued Police Scotland with an information notice over its deployment of a cloud-based digital evidence system, following disclosure of major data protection concerns by Computer Weekly

DataSolutions surfs security and cloud wave

Distributor shares revenue growth numbers for past fiscal year and expects market momentum will continue in commercial space

Study: Generative AI boosts productivity, retention

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that generative AI boosts productivity by 14%, reduces stress and increases employee retention in customer support roles.

How ransomware victims can make the best of a bad situation

At RSA Conference 2023, Mandiant's Jibran Ilyas provided tips for ransomware victims that decide to pay, including a list of counterdemands to make to the threat actors.

Calls for government to tackle late payment issue

An open consultation of legislation closes tomorrow, with some in the industry viewing it as an opportunity to get tougher and act smarter around the problem

Sisense's Orad stepping down, Katz named new CEO

With the embedded analytics specialist recently reaching important financial milestones, the vendor's longtime leader is handing over stewardship to its current head of product.

Tenable opens playground for generative AI cyber tools

A set of generative AI cyber tools designed to help security researchers in reverse engineering, debugging and other areas of work have been made available for the community to experiment with

Pure unifies block, file storage on single FlashArray

Pure Storage expanded the unified storage market by granting native file, block and VM support on a FlashArray, which could reduce complexity and costs for some customers.

Secureworks CEO weighs in on XDR landscape, AI concerns

Secureworks CEO Wendy Thomas talks with TechTarget Editorial about the evolution of the threat detection and response market, as well as the risks posed by new AI technology.

WatchGuard adds more options to FlexPay

Vendor responds to channel feedback to ensure it can provide the flexibility partners are looking for

New Starburst, DBT integration eases data transformation

The integration enables data mesh adopters to work with data from multiple sources without having to move it in and out of a central repository for transformation and analysis.

ChatGPT uses for cybersecurity continue to ramp up

The use of OpenAI's technology in cybersecurity products is growing as companies look to improve threat detection and assist short-staffed and fatigued security teams.

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