TechTarget News - Week of May 14, 2023

Ransomware blurs line between data backup, security

Ransomware is making its mark on the data backup market, with one vendor shedding its backup label for security. That transformation will be on display at Rubrik Forward 2023.

MS macro-blocking has forced cyber criminals to innovate

One year after Microsoft started blocking VBA and XL4 macros by default, the cyber criminal ecosystem has all but stopped exploiting macros in their attacks. They’re instead innovating at an unprecedented rate

Big consultancies snapping up channel talent

EY and Accenture have each dipped into the mergers and acquisitions space to add more services and technical capabilities to their offerings

Meta's AI Sandbox and generative AI in advertising

Sandbox's AI capabilities for online advertisers indicate a potential advance in how AI tools can support advertising and search with fewer human interactions and less user data.

SAP's next step for CRM? Industry-oriented CX

SAP has tightened its approach to CX, providing a composable architecture designed for specific industries that shifts away from competing with market leaders such as Salesforce.

CW Innovation Awards: How Mondelez is driving innovation

The company behind Oreo biscuits is tapping low-code and no-code development, drones and blockchain, among other emerging technologies, to drive innovation and improve efficiency

CW Innovation Awards: SensorFlow reaps returns with re-architecture

Smart building management specialist SensorFlow re-architected its entire platform to reduce cost, complexity and implement a real-time business intelligence dashboard for its customers

APAC digital leaders score wins in innovation awards

The region’s top industry innovators were recognised for their digital transformation efforts at the Computer Weekly Innovation Awards APAC 2023

Virgin Media O2’s Shared Rural Network roll-out reaches 50th site

As part of its commitment to the £1bn programme designed to bring significant improvement to UK mobile coverage in non-metro areas, leading UK operator rolls out reliable 4G coverage across 50 rural sites in area covering almost 2,200km2

UK renews tech and science deal with Japan

Deal focuses on innovation and will see countries collaborate on networking and investment, joint R&D programmes, and exchange schemes

Scality hardens Artesca in 2.0, deepens Veeam connections

Artesca 2.0, the latest update for Scality's object storage service, includes new security features, such as login MFA, and greater support for Veeam's data protection APIs.

NetApp to promise ransomware warranty payout

NetApp will recover data hit by ransomware or pay a warranty, and has added entry-level SAN arrays and full access to all NetApp software across its hardware families

Plexal launches Cyber Runway 3.0 accelerator programme

The latest iteration of Plexal’s government-backed cyber security startup accelerator will run four work streams to boost startups at various stages of maturity and growth

SONiC NOS faces challenges fitting in with mainstream

Gartner estimates that fewer than 200 enterprises have SONiC in production, out of a potential data center market of 100,000. One startup describes the NOS as 'a mess' to deploy.

OpenAI CEO advocates for AI regulation

To mitigate harms caused by artificial intelligence, industry leaders including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said regulation will be necessary.

Chinese APT exploits TP-Link router firmware via implant

Check Point Software Technologies said the malicious implant, which it attributed to Chinese APT "Camaro Dragon," was firmware agnostic and could be used against other vendors.

SAP Business AI and sustainability dominate Sapphire

The new SAP Business AI, which embeds AI into a number of SAP products, and new SAP sustainability products including its 'green ledger' highlighted the first day of SAP Sapphire.

CIO interview: Ravi Malick, Box

Ravi Malick has always been a technologist at heart, and via political science, startups and consultancy, landed in his current role at Box

Pentera ups ante in penetration testing

The Israeli startup, which expanded to the APAC region last year, scans for vulnerabilities and emulates cyber attacks through its automated security validation platform

Home Office pushes for more police facial-recognition deployments

An independent report commissioned by the biometrics commissioner of England and Wales reveals that the UK policing minister is pushing for wider adoption of facial-recognition technology by police, and further criticises the government’s proposed changes to surveillance oversight

IaaS revenues dip but bounce-back expected

A drop-off in revenues in the first quarter is a feature of a cyclical market and should not concern the channel too much

Zoom takes on Anthropic's AI assistant for Contact Center

The video and collaboration platform vendor has allied with OpenAI spinoff Anthropic and is integrating Anthropic's chatbot, Claude, for a decentralized approach to training AI.

Florida immigration law creates problems for HR, economy

A new Florida immigration law requires companies with 25-plus employees to use E-Verify to check work authorization status. Experts fear it could result in significant job losses.

KeePass vulnerability enables master password theft

KeePass developer Dominik Reichl said the vulnerability should be fixed in KeePass version 2.54, which is expected to release in July along with other security updates.

PTC stitches the digital thread for tomorrow’s Industry 4.0 digital transformation

With the software-as-a-service genie well and truly out of the bottle, leading engineering design and manufacturing company outlines roadmap for next generation of digital transformation providing a more agile and collaborative environment of creativity

Inside MLC Life Insurance’s cloud journey

The Australian insurer spent a fair amount of time addressing people-related challenges in its move to cloud, which has improved its security posture and reduced infrastructure spending, among other outcomes

Eticas outlines approach to ‘adversarial’ algorithmic auditing

Algorithmic auditing firm Eticas speaks to Computer Weekly about its approach to ‘adversarial’ algorithmic auditing, including its strengths and limitations, and how the process works

Confluent platform update targets streaming data quality

The vendor unveiled a tool designed to address concerns about the quality of continuous data as well as a feature that enables secure continuous data sharing.

Ransomware top of mind for IT at Rubrik Forward

IT leaders at Rubrik Forward 2023 describe the challenges facing their enterprises, both in preparing for ransomware and recovering from a cyber attack.

Gentex confirms data breach by Dunghill ransomware actors

The Dunghill ransomware gang last month claimed responsibility for an attack against Gentex Corporation, which confirmed this week that it suffered a breach several months ago.

Acronis adds EDR to endpoint security

Acronis EDR uses Intel threat detection technology to uncover sophisticated attacks, such as fileless malware, but it also has to compete in a crowded market.

Federal regulators urge HR to perform AI bias audits

The EEOC's latest warning about AI bias in hiring might prompt employers to conduct AI audits, either done internally or with independent third parties.

DDN launches all-QLC ExaScaler

The all-QLC ExaScaler scale-out parallel file system from DDN slots in between performance and costs. It comes at a time when AI workloads are on the rise.

Navigating artificial intelligence: Red flags to watch out for

Lou Steinberg, founder of cyber security research lab CTM Insights, flags up the risks of the growing use of AI, and what organisations can do to tame the technology for good

Mass job cuts planned for BT by 2030

UK telco ends a year in which it said it was clear that customers love full-fibre, as it continues to build and connect “like fury” and sets out plan to rationalise business to hit profit targets for end of decade

Effects on enterprises of OpenAI's ChatGPT for iOS

The iOS app makes accessibility easier for enterprises already using the desktop version of the generative AI system. It may lead to new applications but also to security concerns.

IBM aims to enable multicloud infrastructure control with Hybrid Cloud Mesh

IT giant intros application-centric connectivity solution designed to allow business operations in a hybrid cloud environments to gain the ability to provide secured, dynamic access to workloads and services while maintaining granular visibility and control

Logicalis CEO: Sustainability efforts being accelerated

The threats to the planet are mounting and efforts to reduce carbon are continuing at channel player Logicalis, with the firm taking a managed services approach to helping customers improve their positions

Collaboration app Stormboard brings AI to virtual whiteboard

Harnessing advanced machine learning and natural language processing, online collaboration vendor Stormboard launches StormAI to help teams share and organize ideas faster.

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