TechTarget News - Week of Jul 09, 2023

Channel roundup: Who’s gone where?

Several senior appointments caught the eye in the past week, and a resignation created the chance for an opening

Genesys Cloud CX gets FedRAMP certified for government use

The CX vendor obtained Moderate Impact level authorization for its Genesys Cloud CX platform, bolstering security and safeguarding internal operations for U.S. government users.

Alibaba Cloud debuts AI image generator

The cloud supplier’s Tongyi Wanxiang generative AI model can respond to text prompts in Chinese and English to generate detailed images in an array of styles

Apple pushes Rapid Response patch to fix WebKit zero-day

Apple deployed an emergency patch under its Rapid Security Response update programme, but had to temporarily suspend delivery after it caused problems for users of the Safari browser

Finland’s VTT partners Nokia on data market

Finish state’s involvement in Nokia project will add weight and capital to work on creating a market for data

Business owners alerted to expected M&A pick up

There have been a record numbers of deals struck in the first half of the year, and the rest of 2023 could be similarly busy if inflation eases

Clop's MoveIt Transfer attacks lead to mixed results

Clop's data theft extortion campaign against MoveIt Transfer customers has apparently compromised hundreds of organizations. But it's unclear how many victims have paid ransoms.

EU formally grants data adequacy to US

The European Commission has formally granted the US data adequacy, allowing companies and organisations to freely transfer personal data across the Atlantic via the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. But privacy activist Max Schrems has already committed to legally challenging the decision

Teradata makes VantageCloud Lake available on Azure

By making its cloud-native platform natively available on Azure, the data management and analytics vendor aims to more smoothly enable users to run machine learning and BI tasks.

Microsoft repairs 5 zero-days for July Patch Tuesday

The company addressed 130 vulnerabilities and provided additional instructions to fully resolve several bugs, which will require extra attention from IT this month.

Microsoft users on high alert over dangerous RCE zero-day

A serious RCE vulnerability in Microsoft Office and Windows is among several zero-days disclosed in Redmond’s July Patch Tuesday update, but this one does not have a patch yet

Hackers: We won’t let artificial intelligence get the better of us

AI is changing how ethical hackers go about their work, and will continue to do so, but the community is convinced the technology will never be able to replicate the creativity of a flesh-and-blood hacker

Cozy Bear lures victims with used BMW 5 Series

A recent Cozy Bear campaign saw the Russian APT group pivot to exploiting an advert for a used car as it targeted diplomatic missions in Kyiv

Bytes signals strong start to fiscal year

Ahead of its AGM, the firm has provided an update on the first few months of its latest fiscal year, indicating that it is performing well

Collins Aero reducing flight delays with Databricks platform

The data lakehouse vendor's tools form the foundation of analytics products designed to help airlines predict and prevent maintenance that results in delays and cancellations.

Digital public services ‘riddled’ with problems, says TUC

The UK’s increasingly digitised public services are plagued by design, governance and workplace issues that are undermining the government’s stated goal of improving efficiency, but can be alleviated by giving public sector workers a greater say in how new technologies are being developed, deployed and controlled

Russia-based actor exploited unpatched Office zero day

Microsoft investigated an ongoing phishing campaign that leverages Word documents to deliver malicious attachments to targeted organizations in the U.S. and Europe.

Threat actors forged Windows driver signatures via loophole

Threat actors bypassed Microsoft's driver signing policy using a technical loophole and signature timestamp forging tools commonly used in the video game cheat community.

Chainalysis observes sharp rise in ransomware payments

The rise in total ransomware payments so far this year is a reversal of the decline Chainalysis saw in 2022, when payments fell sharply to $457 million from $766 million in 2021.

Nutanix eyes PaaS services with Project Beacon

Nutanix is extending its reach higher up the software stack with Project Beacon, a multi-year effort to deliver PaaS services across distributed environments

MPs launch inquiry into government use of data

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee is to investigate the possibility of reforming the way government collects and analyses data, and whether the UK census could be scrapped

CityFibre claims UK's fastest wholesale consumer broadband services

UK’s largest independent gigabit network provider reveals availability of 2.5Gbps symmetrical product to serve homes across expanding XGS-PON enabled footprint with potential to enable services of up to 10Gbps

Anthropic AI assistant differs from ChatGPT and Bard

The new genAI product rivals OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Bard. However, the research vendor is pushing it mainly to enterprises, while focusing on data privacy and security.

RETN unveils new low latency London to Paris connectivity

International network services provider uses CrossChannel subsea cable to launch new low latency network route between London and Paris with a length of 550km

Hybrid workplaces need accessible, integrable UC platforms

Users want videoconferencing to interoperate with on-site hardware, virtual whiteboards that integrate into workflows and design platforms that are accessible to all contributors.

Ofcom opens investigation into Virgin Media contract cancellation

As Ofcom publishes cost-of-living action plan update on range of work to support hard-pressed households, UK watchdog to probe operator’s contract termination and complaints handling

RHEL users question Red Hat's reliance on CentOS Stream

Despite criticism from developers, Red Hat continues its commitment to CentOS as the delivery vehicle for RHEL, believing it benefits open source developers in the long run.

Storage, server prices drop as inflation eases

Server and storage prices declined in June, reflecting cooling inflation, but companies remain intent on containing costs and optimization.

Hybrid work helps to empty federal offices

Multiple issues, including the rise of hybrid work, have left federal offices largely empty. The U.S. government might start turning over some of these properties for commercial use.

The worst might be over in the PC market

An analysis of Q2 shipment numbers from Canalys indicates that declines are slowing, and the hoped-for recovery later this year is still on the cards

Fast-moving BT driving UK fibre deployment

Analysis by leading financial ratings firm shows how UK fibre landscape has changed, emphasising how BT is driving pace of deployment while altnets are still deploying despite higher interest rates and inflation

UK performs for Proact in Q2

Channel player shared its H1 update, indicating its performance on this side of the North Sea has been a good one

IOTech Edge Connect frees data from factory floor devices

IOTech designed Edge Connect to collect data from operational technology and send it to IT systems that monitor and control devices in manufacturing and other industries.

XSS zero-day flaw in Zimbra Collaboration Suite under attack

A manual workaround is currently available for a cross-site scripting vulnerability in Zimbra Collaboration Suite, though a patch won't be available until later this month.

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