TechTarget News - Week of Jul 30, 2023

UK government announces 5G Innovation Regions fund

Applications now open for £40m financing designed to unlock 5G benefits across the UK with aim of sparking local ‘digital revolutions’ and pioneer digital connectivity for residents and businesses

Small language models emerge for domain-specific use cases

Because LLMs suffer from accuracy and security problems, some organizations are developing generative AI systems trained with their own company data to address specific use cases.

Two million more Australian households ready to upgrade to nbn 

Australia’s national broadband network on track to enable up to 10 million premises, or up to 90% of homes and businesses, to access wholesale download speeds of 500Mbps to near 1Gbps by the end of 2025

Vast Data Platform aims at storage everywhere for AI/ML workloads

Vast Data to offer storage with data lake and warehouse functionality built in natively, in anticipation of a huge surge in AI/ML workloads and a need for ever-larger data stores

Improved rural connectivity could add £65bn to UK economy

Study from leading operator and economic consultancy points to potential massive economic boost to UK rural communities through increased digital connectivity and if long-standing obstacles are removed

Cubbit offers cut-price cloud with DS3 distributed storage

Cubbit’s DS3 offers cloud at up to 20% the cost of the main providers via on-premise software that builds a cloud with other users and targets unstructured data use cases such as backup

Ivanti MDM users told to patch against two dangerous flaws

Users of Ivanti’s mobile device management platform have been warned to act now to patch two vulnerabilities that were chained by a threat actor in a series of cyber attacks on the Norwegian government

Microsoft, LexisNexis take partnership deeper with genAI

The cloud provider and the legal research giant plan to create points of integration within Word, Outlook and Teams, while minimizing the risks that come with LLMs.

Scotland’s most remote emergency services connected by 4G coverage

Operator reveals role in partnership to deliver hitherto unavailable 4G coverage across the Highlands and Islands to help close signal blackspots and connect emergency services across the most remote areas of Scotland

Pig butchers caught using ChatGPT to con victims

Romance scammers looking to con people out of their savings appear to be turning to generative AI tools to save time and effort

NetApp focusing partners on cloud and flash

Launch of partner programme that rewards expertise in those areas offers support and co-selling options to the channel

India’s booming IT market driving up wages

Majority of India’s IT pros expect their pay to increase in the next 12 months, underscoring the country’s tight IT labour market fuelled by a booming tech sector, study finds

UK altnets make further advances in gigabit

CityFibre passes 1,000km reach in growing south coast of England region, while independent mobile phone retailer to offer Welsh provider Ogi’s ultrafast full-fibre broadband and voice packages in its high street stores

Exclusive Networks delivers solid H1

Distributor continues to provide investors with cheer after sharing details of its first-half performance

Microsoft attacked over ‘grossly irresponsible’ security practice

The CEO of Tenable has launched a scathing attack on Microsoft, asserting that the organisation is deliberately keeping its Azure cloud customers in the dark about dangerous vulnerabilities and accusing it of a culture of ‘toxic obfuscation’

SnapLogic launches generative AI tool for data integration

The vendor released SnapGPT, a generative AI tool that lets data engineers more efficiently develop data pipelines by using natural language. An early user is Barnard College.

Vodafone teams with DCC to upgrade Britain’s smart meter system

UK operator provides 4G and IoT expertise to help company responsible for overseeing and managing the UK’s smart meter infrastructure deliver on strategy to develop, manage and optimise energy assets

Lawmakers seek to restrict 'bossware'

AI-enabled bossware and employee monitoring tech is getting increasing attention in the U.S. Senate and by the White House. An effort may be made to get a bill passed.

White House receives feedback on national AI priorities

The White House plans to use public input on national priorities for AI to guide its adoption of a broad, comprehensive national AI strategy focused on AI's risks and benefits.

Log4Shell, ProxyShell still among most widely exploited flaws

Statistics released by the collective Five Eyes cyber agencies reveals insight into the most exploited vulnerabilities of 2022, and unsurprisingly there are some old ‘friends’ on the list

Tablet market under pressure

The tablet form factor finds itself in a difficult position as shipments continue to fall and rival technologies emerge

AI cloud vendor Alibaba still has a long way to go

The China-based vendor introduced two open source models: Qwen-7B and Qwen-7B-Chat. The models are smaller versions of Tongyi Qianwen, the LLM it released in April.

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