TechTarget News - Week of Aug 14, 2022

Older customers prefer phone calls to chatbots

Businesses are increasingly adopting customer-facing digital technologies, but the older generation are not so keen to embrace tech

The Westcon-Comstor apprentice experience

The experience of an apprentice who has gone through Westcon-Comstor’s programme underlines how important the apprenticeships are to attracting the next generation of talent

Most influential women in UK tech: The 2022 longlist

Each year, Computer Weekly publishes the longlist of all of the women put forward to be considered for its list of the top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech. Here are 2022’s nominees

South Staffs Water is victim of botched Clop attack

South Staffordshire Water moves to reassure customers that their supplies remain safe after its attackers screw up their initial assault

DWP looks to hire new CDIO

Department is on the hunt for a chief digital and information officer to lead on its digital agenda, offering up to £200,000 pa for the role

Semiconductor companies face a long road back to growth

Even with government money soon headed their way, top-tier semiconductor companies will still have to deal with a range of challenges, from falling PC sales to material shortages.

England and Wales councils unprepared for PSTN withdrawal in 2025

Freedom of information act request reveals worrying finding that over half of councils in England and Wales have no strategy for the prospective withdrawal of traditional PSTN communications networks

Report reveals consensus around Computer Misuse Act reform

A study produced by the CyberUp campaign reveals broad alignment among security professionals on questions around the Computer Misuse Act, which it hopes will give confidence to policymakers as they explore its reform

Major APAC economies to lose 63 million jobs to automation

Workers in India, China, South Korea, Australia and Japan are more at risk of losing their jobs to automation, despite the creation of new jobs in the green economy and ICT industry

Future 5G and Wi-Fi opportunities to be driven by private networks

By 2028, private 5G network sales and associated services such as installation could generate as much as $23.8bn in revenues, with surge in sales beginning in China two years earlier, research finds

UK cost-of-living crisis creates surge in mobile provider switching

Current inclement economic times in the UK blow headwinds into mobile comms sector, shaking customer loyalty with operators as over two-fifths of contract customers think they are overpaying for their current tariff

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