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Heartbleed strikes again

I’m about to tell you something you’ve probably heard over and over: addressing a security breach right away is the best way to mitigate the threat.

Why am I telling you this? Because Heartbleed has struck again. This time stealing 4.5 million patients’ personal data including names, birth dates, and social security numbers from Community Health Systems (CHS), a Tennessee health network.

And CHS is not alone. UPS has reported that their customer’s credit and debit data may have been stolen at 51 of its franchises, with malware being uncovered in the registers at those locations.

Despite the great strides in security and improved defenses, there are still gaps in many organizations’ security systems, Associate Site Editor Fran Sales reports.

Constant vigilance is key, especially since it’s clear hackers are persistent and won’t be letting up anytime soon.

In other news, Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer is stepping down from its board citing his purchase of the LA Clippers as his motive; many Twitter users are unenthused by the companies experiment of injecting tweets into their timelines from users they don’t follow but are deemed “popular or relevant”; Facebook is taking a stand against fake-news by labeling parody news sites such as the Onion and The Daily Currant so there is no confusion —  and more in this week’s Searchlight.

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