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What is Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based service that lets an individual or organization send, secure, track and manage e-signature processes. The service is meant to replace physical paper and ink signatures with a fully automated, electronic alternative. Adobe Sign is an evolution of the previously known EchoSign platform.

Features of Adobe Sign include the following:

How Adobe Sign works

With Adobe Sign, e-signatures can be returned from customers or other users in a few steps. When a document is ready to be signed, the creator specifies which fields need a response, enters the signer's email address and hits send. The forms will then appear in the signer's inbox with a unique, secure browser link. The signer does not need to download any apps or register for an account; they can just sign the document directly from the link.

After the signature is received, the creator will get a notification that it's ready. Adobe Sign will also send expiration alerts and signature reminders if the signer does not respond. When the document is complete, it is automatically archived, and a final copy is sent to both parties.

Benefits of Adobe Sign

Most physical signature workflows are slow, wasteful and prone to mistakes. Adobe Sign can solve some of those inefficiencies and provide the following benefits:

  • offers higher security associated with e-signatures, such as authentication and duplication prevention capabilities;
  • minimizes signature-related paperwork delays;
  • lets users sign documents from any location and on any device;
  • integrates with existing enterprise systems and applications;
  • guarantees the highest level of legal, availability and security compliance; and
  • tracks every step of e-signature business processes to make forms easier to audit.

Adobe Sign pricing

Adobe Sign can be purchased through a variety of subscription models. The e-signature service can be obtained as a standalone application through Standard or Pro plans for individuals or teams. These plans range in price based on the amount of licenses required and can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

Additionally, Adobe Sign is included with any Adobe Document Cloud for business or enterprise plans. Adobe Document Cloud combines Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Admin Console and Adobe Sign services.

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