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Einstein AI allows for cloud customization choices

"Smooth move, Einstein!" was a sarcastic put-down kids would deliver to each other years ago when someone dropped and broke something -- or did a pratfall. The phrase lives on as an internet meme.

Salesforce customers today know there's neither irony nor sarcasm that comes with the smooth move of adopting Einstein artificial intelligence tools to supercharge their sales teams. With its ability to mine insights from email, contacts, calendar and free-text data within Salesforce; pre-populate fields and forms to save time; and apply machine learning to lead-scoring, Einstein's proposition is to get salespeople doing more of what they do best -- selling -- and less administration or data entry.

Sometimes, Salesforce customers add more AI from third-party vendors to get even more time savings and analytics insight from their Salesforce instance. Perhaps ready-made Einstein artificial intelligence features don't quite fit, or customers are using third-party add-ons to Salesforce that don't yet work with Einstein.

This handbook on Salesforce AI examines how some companies can capitalize on a Brainshark sales enablement AI tool to help train new reps faster by analyzing practice video sales pitches. It also can help distribute new-product content, sales-technique updates and marketing materials to the entire sales team.

You'll also read how Clari is the right AI fit for some salesforce customers who need a little boost to their forecasting tech. Finally, there's an update on how Salesforce refreshed its small-business platform to extend time-saving Einstein features.

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