Totango introduces customer success tool Dynamic Assignment

Dynamic Assignment is a new feature in the Totango Spark that allows service providers to quickly sift through customer success managers to find one who will exactly fit a customer's needs.

Customer experience software vendor Totango recently launched Dynamic Assignment, a new feature in Totango Spark intended to help service providers allocate and send specialists to customers on an as-needed basis.

Dynamic Assignment collects data about customers and uses that information to identify users within the service provider with the skills to assist clients by using predefined criteria, including ability, fit and language preferences. Dynamic Assignment also gives service providers insights into how customers onboard new users and enable them to provide expertise when needed, replaces fixed customer success teams with group of specialists who fit the right criteria for each user, and prevents customer success teams from being overstaffed or understaffed.

"You can take these criteria and look at a pool of different people, all customer success managers in the organization or even product and engineer people who might have time to help with customer success," said Anne Ting, senior vice president of marketing at Totango. "From the company standpoint, it's cost-efficient because now you don't have to scale people at the same time ... you're scaling your customers.

"But now with Dynamic Assignment, what's interesting is that it's really about aligning the human and digital resources to very cost effectively deliver on all your offers by making it so that you don't have to have a role assignment," Ting said. "It's kind of upending this role-based model to say that you can have a bunch of people and whether they are in a customer success team or another part of the organization."

Other features of Totango Spark include weekly results and a toolkit with configurable best practices, scorecards and communication templates.

Prices of Dynamic Assignment were not disclosed. Some direct competitors of Totango are Customer Success, Bolstra and Gainsight.

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