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Zerto IT Resilience Platform 6.0

Zerto's rebranded IT Resilience Platform provides many cloud choices for recovery, as well as automation and orchestration. Its innovation impressed our judges.

Silver winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year in backup and disaster recovery software and services category.

Strong multi-cloud support and quick journal-based recovery in the Zerto IT Resilience Platform 6.0 has won the vendor a place back on the medalist podium in 2018.

IT Resilience Platform is a rebrand of Zerto's flagship Virtual Replication product, which previously won gold with Virtual Replication 4.5 in 2016 and was a finalist with Virtual Replication 5.5 last year.

The Zerto IT Resilience Platform provides inter-cloud and intra-cloud workload mobility and protection between Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS and more than 350 other cloud service providers.

The IT Resilience Platform converges backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility in an infrastructure-agnostic way, according to Zerto. It features built-in automation and orchestration and provides failover, failback, recovery and testing of full sites, multiple virtual machine applications, single VMs or files.

Users receive live network analysis reports and insights into performance through an expanded intelligent dashboard.

In addition to multi-cloud, the Zerto IT Resilience Platform offers hybrid cloud mobility, providing migration and protection of applications and data from on-premises locations to the public cloud.

Zerto says its core approach to resilience stems from the use of continuous replication and journal file-level recovery. The flexible journal in the IT Resilience Platform provides recovery points every few seconds for up to 30 days.

The Zerto IT Resilience Platform successfully combines innovation with functionality, one judge said. The platform "exceeds almost every other product I evaluated across all categories of products considered for Products of the Year," the judge wrote.

Judges said the product is expensive, but liked the multi-cloud support.

"Few data protection products [offer recovery point objectives] and [recovery time objectives] as low as Zerto," one judge wrote.

Pricing is $700 per protected virtual machine. The platform integrates directly into the VMware vSphere hypervisor and vCenter, the Hyper-V hypervisor and SCVMM, AWS APIs and Azure APIs.

Zerto's IT Resilience Platform
The dashboard of the Zerto IT Resilience Platform shows an overview of analytics.

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