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Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance

Asigra's integrated backup appliance combines its Cloud Backup Evolved V14 antiransomware software with iXsystems' TrueNAS hardware featuring the OpenZFS file system.

Gold winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year in backup and disaster recovery hardware category.

The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance is Asigra Inc.'s software integrated into iXsystems Inc.'s hardware to form a comprehensive data protection and backup product. Asigra's Cloud Backup Evolved V14 offers advanced malware detection and prevention to secure backup copies from ransomware, while iXsystems' TrueNAS brings OpenZFS open source storage and scalability up to 10 petabytes per system.

The TrueNAS Backup Appliance counters ransomware infections targeting backup data. It cuts off this vector of attack by securing backup and restore streams, varying names of backup files to prevent recognition and requiring two-factor authentication to delete backup files.

That software is integrated with iXsystems' TrueNAS hardware and OpenZFS file system with built-in features like replication, deduplication and compression. TrueNAS appliances are designed for high availability, speed and scalability. TrueNAS is multifunctional, so enterprises can use Asigra's appliance for workloads beyond backup.

It delivers a simple yet complete data recovery platform with agentless architecture and agnostic integration that auto-discovers backup targets regardless of OS, device or data type. All data -- whether from virtual machines, physical devices, mobile devices or cloud applications -- is routed through the appliance, creating a centralized hub for managing all backup and recovery processes.

The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance impressed the judges in several areas. Affordability was a factor, as the lowest-capacity model of Asigra TrueNAS costs $10,000 and comes with 60 TB of storage. Price scales with capacity, with the highest-end configuration holding up to 10 petabytes. One judge summed up the complete package as having "great functionality [and] good pricing."

Others focused on functionality, specifically calling out the software as exceptional for how it protects against ransomware by defending backup data. "This product seems to provide the most thought-through approach to ransomware attacks that include backup and archive attacks," one judge said.

Judges viewed using OpenZFS in Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance positively. One said Asigra TrueNAS "combines the best of both worlds at a very low cost to end users and [managed service providers]."

Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance
The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance integrates the vendor's top-of-the-line ransomware detection software.

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