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Quobyte Data Center File System 2.0

Startup Quobyte's 'up-and-comer' distributed parallel file system caught judges' attention as being easier to deploy, operate and manage in high-performance environments.

Bronze winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year software-defined and cloud storage category.

Quobyte Data Center File System is a distributed parallel file system designed to scale IOPS, throughput and storage capacity linearly on commodity hardware, from a starting configuration of four servers to potentially thousands of nodes. With Quobyte, now in its second major version, a single client can write to multiple storage servers in parallel and make use of the combined throughput of their flash or HDDs. Users can also deploy the product in containers and provide shared file storage for containerized applications.

The software supports policy-based data placement and tiering, transparent failover in the event that any part of the system fails, and replication and erasure coding for data protection.

Quobyte Inc.'s competition includes open source Lustre from Seagate Technology, IBM's Spectrum Scale/General Parallel File System and Panasas' PanFS. One judge said the software offers the advantage of being easier to deploy, operate and manage in high-performance computing and media and entertainment environments. Another judge called the product an "up-and-comer" in the parallel file system space.

One key new feature in version 2.0 of the Data Center File System is continuous, asynchronous volume mirroring across geographies and clouds for disaster recovery purposes.

The update also added native drivers for Mac and Windows clients to complement the Linux, Hadoop and Amazon S3 options the software already supported for users to read, write and access files. Quobyte 2.0 supports shared access control lists to preserve security, regardless of the access method or protocol the customer uses to get a file.

Quobyte also worked to simplify the installation and management of the software and created a cloud-based service to assist customers with Domain Name System service configuration in version 2.0.

Subscription-based pricing for the Data Center File System starts at $27,000 per year for 200 TB of usable capacity, product support included.

Quobyte has offices in Santa Clara, Calif., and Berlin. CEO Bjorn Kolbeck and CTO Felix Hupfeld co-founded the startup in 2013 after working in storage engineering at Google.

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Quobyte management dashboard

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