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Cohesity DataPlatform

Cohesity's converged data management product gets updated with machine-driven capacity planning and case management alongside a centralized, simplified dashboard.

Silver winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year in backup and disaster recovery hardware category.

Cohesity DataPlatform consolidates all secondary data, including backups, archives, test and development copies and analytics data on a single, cloud-native platform. It is best described as a hyper-converged data protection product that can handle more than just backup workloads and DR.

Enterprises can install the software on qualified x86 server appliances for on-premises infrastructure. However, it works equally efficiently in the public cloud and on edge devices.

Since upgrading to Pegasus 6.0.1 (the previous software version was Cohesity DataProtect 5.2), Cohesity DataPlatform added Helios, a software-as-a-service application that works in conjunction with the hyper-converged data product. Helios simplifies multi-cluster management by bringing together data from across multiple silos onto a single, unified dashboard.

Aside from allowing manipulation and inventorying of global data, Helios also brought predictive analytics and machine learning to Cohesity DataPlatform. The feature is called SmartAssist, and it suggests resource allocation across the global storage environment based on the user's desired service-level agreement. It also makes capacity planning suggestions based on a customer's usage history and anonymized metadata from other Cohesity Inc. customers.

The security features include two-factor authentication, SafeNet integration and native write-once, read-many support. Its global deduplication software reduces the overall data footprint for secondary data across all silos, and it supports simultaneous NFS, SMB and S3 access.

This product gained the judges' attention for handling more than just backing up and restoring data. Through Helios, Cohesity DataPlatform lets users globally inventory data, view its status and take actions on it. One judge called it a "good effort to create a hyper-converged secondary storage platform masquerading as DR hardware."

Judges were critical of this product's price, however. One judge said it was "pretty expensive in useful sizes." Another judge factored in all of the product's features and capabilities and more generously concluded it's "good, solid backup target storage. ... Cost is middle of the road."

updated Cohesity DataPlatform
The updated Cohesity DataPlatform automates capacity planning based on service-level agreements and can warn of SLA violations.

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