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Informatica takes Customer 360 master data management to cloud

Updated MDM service benefits from integrations with the broader cloud-native Informatica platform that is built on top of a microservices Kubernetes-based architecture.

Master Data Management technology is at the core of enabling customer experience capabilities by managing and understanding critical data assets. For enterprise cloud data management vendor Informatica, its MDM is the cornerstone of the company's Customer 360 platform.

On Jan. 11, the vendor, based in Redwood City, Calif., released into general availability its new Customer 360 SaaS platform providing a cloud-native service for MDM.

The Customer 360 MDM capability is built on the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services platform, which got a major update in November 2020. The new Customer 360 service provides MDM capabilities to help ensure data quality and provides data management delivered as a cloud service.

"Informatica recognizes that an effective customer 360 strategy both unifies and governs customer data," said Kevin Petrie, vice president of research at Eckerson Group. "A customer data platform that integrates data quality and MDM helps enterprises address this challenge."

Petrie added that in his view, Informatica's Customer 360 SaaS platform simplifies customer analytics by consolidating tool sets and using AI to improve data quality at scale.

Informatica MDM capabilities
Informatica's Customer 360 SaaS platform provides master data management (MDM) capabilities to get a full view for a given customer or data record.

Informatica's master data management path to the cloud

Manouj Tahiliani, general manager of MDM and Business 360 Solutions at Informatica, said the new update is about positioning and packaging MDM as a cloud business service, as part of Informatica's Business 360 software services portfolio.

The new service is an evolution of Informatica's existing MDM capabilities the vendor originally gained with the acquisition of master data management provider Siperian in 2010 for $130 million.

Informatica recognizes that an effective customer 360 strategy both unifies and governs customer data. A customer data platform that integrates data quality and MDM helps enterprises address this challenge.
Kevin PetrieVice president of research, Eckerson Group

Tahiliani noted that what Informatica has now done is provide the MDM service on top of a cloud-native, container-based microservices architecture, which will enable better performance and integration across Informatica's broader data management portfolio of services.

Cloud native is also closely associated with the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, which is what Informatica uses at the foundation of the Customer 360 platform.

"The beauty of this cloud-native platform is that it allows the microservices of our iPaaS [integration platform as a service] to seamlessly interoperate with our customer and data management microservices," Tahiliani said. "So, now there is no line dividing where data integration and MDM curation starts and where it stops; it's basically one application where we are providing a business solution to provide that end-to-end capability."

Customer 360 MDM powered by NoSQL technology

As part of the cloud-native Customer 360 MDM architecture, Informatica is using NoSQL database technology that it gained with the acquisition of Toronto-based AllSight in 2019.

"That acquisition provided us the technology to supporting, nonrelational, structured data as well as unstructured data," Tahiliani said. "So, what we've done with the AllSight technology is we infused it into our cloud-native mode to provide the ability to expand master data management systems to not just master data, but also understand transaction and interaction data, and applying ML [machine learning] capabilities to really get that 360 degree view."

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