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Assurance, ClearView merge business continuity services

U.S.-based Assurance Software's merger with U.K.-based ClearView extends the business continuity providers' international reach, helping customers who do business globally.

Assurance Software, which was spun out of Sungard Availability Services in mid-2018, is shape-shifting again through a merger with ClearView Continuity.

The combination of business continuity services from Assurance and ClearView this month came eight months after Sungard Availability Services sold its Assurance Business Continuity Management Planning software to a private equity firm. Sungard AS picked up the Assurance business through its 2008 acquisition of Strohl Systems.

In an FAQ on its website, Assurance told customers that the merger will bring no immediate changes to the Assurance or ClearView platforms. While the combined company will be called Assurance Software, it will keep the Assurance and ClearView software brands.

Assurance Software claimed around 700 customers before the merger, and U.K.-based ClearView had around 120 customers, mostly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Business continuity management encompasses disaster recovery and emergency management. Business continuity services such as those from Assurance can help an organization enact a business continuity plan through backup software, mass notification services, and training and consultation.

Merger enhances financial analysis firm's business continuity plan

The merger extends the geographic reach of both companies and their business continuity services. S&P Global, a company that provides data and intelligence on the global finance market, has been an Assurance Software customer since it was owned by Sungard AS. Jason Fries, business continuity program director at S&P Global, based in New York, said Assurance's new overseas reach helps his company, because it has offices outside of the United States .

We benefit from that expansion of coverage that Assurance now has post-merger.
Jason Friesbusiness continuity program director at S&P Global

According to Fries, the merger with ClearView will help S&P integrate Assurance business continuity services and software with its offices in the United Kingdom, India, Singapore and other sites around the world.

Fries said he hopes the merger adds global expertise through consultants who are more familiar with business continuity practices and regulations in other nations than Assurance's U.S.-based consultants.

"Having Assurance in the United States is great, but we're a global company. How would we get to the systems we're using in Singapore or London if most of their assets are over here?" Fries said. "Now, we don't have that problem. We benefit from that expansion of coverage that Assurance now has post-merger."

A synergistic combination

Craig Potts, CEO of Assurance Software Craig Potts

Assurance CEO Craig Potts said his company wanted to establish a presence in Europe and the Middle East, while ClearView sought to gain a foothold in the United States. Potts said all 130 Assurance and ClearView employees will be retained by the combined company.

Charlie Boffin, founder and former CEO of ClearView, is now president of EMEA and APAC, as well as global chief of strategy.

Charlie Boffin, president of EMEA and APAC, global chief of strategy at Assurance SoftwareCharlie Boffin

While Assurance and ClearView will remain separate brands, Boffin said the companies will combine their technologies for future business continuity services and products. He said ClearView will continue to develop features around its mobile application that enables companies to manage business continuity remotely.

"We have a full development roadmap covering both products and services," Boffin said. "It is clear that mobile will continue to feature strongly, as will incident management and integrated notification and communications options."

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