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Deloitte targets specific industries with new AI offerings

The consulting firm introduced Quartz AI, a suite of services. Two offerings now available focus on the logistics, fleet routing, restaurant and customer service industries.

Consulting firm Deloitte has partnered with AI hardware and software vendor Nvidia to provide new AI services to enterprises.

On April 25, the firm introduced Quartz AI, a pair of AI services built on the Nvidia AI Enterprise and Omniverse platforms. Nvidia Omniverse enables users to create universal scene description-based 3D workflows and applications.

Combining the Nvidia AI Enterprise software stack and Nvidia Omniverse, the Quartz AI suite includes Compass AI and Frontline AI.

Compass AI is powered by Nvidia cuOpt optimization software and helps with fleet routing and dispatch optimization. Compass AI embeds AI into workflows and is a cost-effective option for logistics customers, Deloitte said.

Meanwhile, Frontline AI is a virtual customer care representative that streamlines, measures and addresses feedback. It is an advanced chatbot service with visual conversational capabilities that can communicate in any language and is useful in the retail, service and customer service industries, according to Deloitte.

Productive partnerships

Compass AI and Frontline AI enable both Deloitte and Nvidia to display ways that generative AI systems and large language models (LLMs) can fit specific business objectives, said Opus Research analyst Dan Miller.

Nvidia wants to partner with companies like Deloitte that bring [offerings] based on their technology into specific business projects.
Dan MillerAnalyst, Opus Research

Since generative AI and LLMs show few signs of slowing down in popularity, the next challenge for vendors is finding ways to make them fit within business objectives, he said.

This will lead firms such as Deloitte -- and competitors such as Accenture, EY and others -- to form partnerships with LLM developers, while at the same time bringing the technology into productivity tools, Miller said. Deloitte recently launched a generative AI practice.

"It's kind of an automation story where you automate to reach certain business objectives," he continued. "That's why Nvidia wants to partner with companies like Deloitte that bring [offerings] based on their technology into specific business projects."

Partnerships such as these are then beneficial for both parties. For example, Nvidia benefits from Deloitte being project-driven, and Deloitte gets to have branded offerings that link it to Nvidia, Miller added.

Moreover, partnerships like these help ease some of enterprises' concerns with generative AI and LLMs. For example, many are concerned about how LLMs can unilaterally spout false and misleading information.

"This is where a company like Deloitte can prove its value," Miller said. "Businesses know they have to adopt it. Now, they will have this credible advisory partner like Deloitte that can help harden it against many of the objections that are out there about an AI going out of control."

While the concerns will still exist, enterprises trust Deloitte and its credibility in safeguarding implementations of generative AI tools and applications, he added.

Esther Ajao is a news writer covering artificial intelligence software and systems.

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