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Lightning AI's new platform is a one-stop shop for developers

The platform enables developers to build, train and develop models on the cloud under one web interface without having to switch between different tools and applications.

Lightning AI, the vendor behind the popular open source Python library Pytorch Lightning, released a new AI studio that makes it easier for developers to build, train and develop AI models on the cloud.

Unveiled on Dec. 13, Lightning AI Studios is an all-in-one platform that unites different developer tools in one place users don't have to switch between different systems while developing AI models.

The new studio lets developers scale from CPUs to GPUs and use natively integrated tools as well as build and deploy their tools anywhere whether on their cloud, a local GPU cluster or Lightning AI's cloud.

Lightning AI Studios is a response to a need to coordinate among AI tools in the complex ecosystem of technologies that enterprises work with, said Vishal Gupta, an analyst with Everest Group.

Currently, developers and enterprises can choose among numerous tools, such as Jasper AI and for developing AI systems.

Popularity with developers

Having a platform that brings different enterprise technologies under one cloud setting is not unique as other AI vendors, such as DataRobot and Dataiku, boast similar capabilities, Gupta continued.

However, Lightning AI's popularity with developers familiar with its PyTorch framework gives it an advantage, he added. For example, generative AI vendor Stability AI trained Stable Diffusion using PyTorch.

"I wouldn't say it's completely unique to the market. But it does make life easier for the developers as they get access to everything in one place," he said.

Moreover, the platform doesn't require much setup for developers.

"You don't necessarily need to build AI on your laptop, you can actually just do it in the cloud directly. But it feels like your laptop, " said Will Falcon, CEO and founder of Lightning AI. "It's like a virtual desktop."

Comparing the studio to the development of the Apple iPhone, which brought all apps under one phone, Falcon said the AI studio eliminates the need for random specialized startups.

Appealing to a broader audience and pricing

While developers find Lightning AI useful, if the vendor wishes to grow and appeal to a broader audience, it must find a way to create a more holistic platform, Gupta said.

I wouldn't say it's completely unique to the market. But it does make life easier for the developers as they get access to everything in one place.
Vishal GuptaAnalyst, Everest Group

Competitors such as DataRobot, with its No-code AI apps, offer applications that appeal to non-technical users.

This means the vendor should take a more holistic approach that is aimed both at developers and business users.

"Given that the market is evolving where technology and business are coming together ... eventually the development of AI is going to happen in a joint fashion," Gupta said. This means that developers and nontechnical business users will work together to develop AI models and systems.

Since Lightning AI Studios helps developers to build, train and deploy AI models on the cloud, Lightning includes built-in privacy capabilities so enterprise data will be secure within the platform, according to the vendor.

The platform lets users get started for free with 15 credits per month. The studio has three other pricing levels. Pro is for engineers, researchers and scientists. The team level is for startups and teams, and there's an enterprise-grade level.

Esther Ajao is a TechTarget Editorial news writer covering artificial intelligence software and systems.

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