Define warehouse workflows and processes with Manhattan SCALE

See how Manhattan SCALE could aid your organization with warehouse operations. Deployed in the cloud or on premises, it's WMS software that works for businesses of all sizes.

Manhattan SCALE is a full-featured warehouse management system from Manhattan Associates. It encompasses not only warehouse operations, but also operations and activities surrounding the warehouse, such as inbound and outbound logistics and yard management. Built on the Microsoft .NET, Windows Server and SQL Server family of products, Manhattan SCALE enables the definition of workflows and processes within the warehouse and also has the ability to automate picking, packing and shipping so as to minimize the number of goods movements within the warehouse for every order.

Manhattan SCALE is a sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) that can handle the needs of a retail omnichannel operation or a multi-tenant warehousing operation. It also fully integrates with voice, radio, and mobile technology and handset technologies that are often used in the warehouse.

How does Manhattan SCALE help manage warehouses?

Manhattan SCALE comes with a comprehensive set of functions that warehouse managers can use to manage labor, such as project and task tracking and schedule optimization and forecasting. Warehouse managers have full visibility of labor as well as visibility into the movement of goods throughout the warehouse. Additionally, they can use the system to collaborate with their business partners. They can exchange real-time information with partners and manage inventory shipments, orders and receipts.

Manhattan SCALE extends the warehouse visibility into the yard so that managers can monitor trailer locations and status as well as when trailers are being moved to docks for loading and unloading of goods. Warehouse functions are also extended into logistics, allowing warehouse managers to see both inbound and outbound traffic to the warehouse. This enables warehouse managers to work on reducing transportation spend by consolidating shipments. Shipment track-and-trace can also be provided to users through a web portal or plug-in to Manhattan SCALE.

Deploying Manhattan SCALE

Manhattan SCALE is available as either a cloud-based offering, hosted on Microsoft Azure, or as an on-premises system. Companies electing to deploy the Manhattan Associates' WMS technology on premises should find it very helpful, because Manhattan Associates provides full on-site hardware and software support. Manhattan Associates provides an assortment of hardware/software purchasing options for the warehouse. These are also available through third-party business partners. These purchasable items include mobile technology, scanners, networks, document and label printers, and data collection terminals.

Manhattan Associates offers disaster recovery planning and support for its WMS software, and also 24/7 standard service and support.

For companies in need of training, Manhattan Associates has a broad variety of training options for its WMS software. These options range from comprehensive, in-house training in warehouse operations and in other areas of the supply chain, to role-based training that is specifically targeted toward individuals who are performing specific job roles (e.g., warehouse manager, operations supervisor or warehouse worker). The company also offers standard end-user training so users can get up to speed on the SCALE system functions. These training options are available on a pay-for basis. Manhattan Associates also provides an online learning portal that gives customers free access to content and public training classes and educational webinars.

Implementation services for Manhattan SCALE are available through Manhattan Associates' third-party vendor network. This network includes partners such as IBM, 4SIGHT, Deloitte and Capgemini.

The cloud-based version of Manhattan SCALE is available on a per-subscription basis. Manhattan Associates' WMS technology is available on premises through a standard hardware/software license that is determined on a client-by-client basis.

Manhattan SCALE is not available on a free trial basis, but Manhattan Associates does provide free demos of the system.

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