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July 2018, Vol. 6, No. 3

Hacking and fraud escalate concerns about AI in healthcare

Artificial intelligence continues to make headlines for its applications in automation, speech recognition, image processing and risk detection. Despite these advances, some researchers have concerns about AI and warn that the malicious use of the technology may have serious implications for healthcare. Two of the more popular applications of AI in healthcare are data analysis and data mining, where clinical information is processed and the results provide clinical feedback to healthcare professionals. Early results around image analysis to detect cancer or advanced algorithms that match patients to appropriate treatments are examples of AI affecting patients in a positive way. Predicted uses include AI for surgeries, bot-based interactions with patients and advanced data analysis. However, some in IT have concerns that AI can potentially do more harm than good. The dark side of AI isn't limited to the ill feeling some have toward the technology -- for example, AI's potential for replacing some human workers. Concerns also ...

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