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Hireology CEO: ChatGPT will kick off HR tech arms race

Hireology's ChatGPT-based tool, Beaker, helps create job descriptions using customer information, speeding up the process but still involving humans.

Hireology, an HR and recruiting systems vendor, is incorporating ChatGPT into its platform for writing job descriptions. The company believes it might be the first HR tech platform to offer this large language model as a tool to customers. While it is hard to determine if it's the first, one thing is sure: it won't be the last.

Before ChatGPT's introduction, Hireology users could either write a job description from scratch or use the vendor's library of available job descriptions as a starting point or template.

But now the generative AI tool can write a job description based on the type of job a customer is trying to fill and what Hireology knows about that customer, said Adam Robinson, CEO and co-founder of the Chicago-based firm.

Robinson sees the introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT in job description writing as a safe test for its customers. Hireology's tool, named Beaker, will speed up the time it takes to carry out this task but will not remove humans from the process altogether. It is in beta, but customers can sign up for it on a first-come, first-served basis at no extra cost.

Robinson is enthusiastic about the potential HR impact of large language models (LLMs).

"I believe that this is a before-and-after moment," Robinson said of ChatGPT. "This will kick off an arms race in HR tech and the HR technology vendor ecosystem.

"For HR tech, I can't think of a bigger industry more ripe to adopt this technology," he said. Robinson added that anything in HR that doesn't involve human-to-human interaction has the potential for automation.

Adam Robinson, CEO, HireologyAdam Robinson

For instance Robinson said a future ChatGPT-enabled tool could examine a company's candidate base and compile a list of everyone who had applied for a job that is now open again. It would then create an email and alert these previous candidates of the job opening. "That's something that, today, is a manual effort," he said.

ChatGPT can save time in recruiting by responding to candidates and setting up schedules, according to Robinson. He added that GPT-4, which launched last week, "is entirely capable of generating a conversation between a manager and a candidate to automate scheduling. "

How analysts see it

Ben Eubanks, chief research officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, said the good news about LLMs is that they're "making AI very practical, tangible and topical for the average [HR] practitioner, after years of it being a topic that wasn't top of mind." Eubanks has written a book titled Artificial Intelligence for HR.

Eubanks pointed to news from LinkedIn that it's using the OpenAI GPT model to test AI-powered job descriptions. Microsoft owns LinkedIn.

Textio, which develops a workplace language guidance system, has had a product named Flow since 2019, where users can generate job descriptions in just a few clicks, according to Eubanks.

I believe that this is a before-and-after moment.
Adam RobinsonCEO, Hireology

"AI-powered content generation has become a lot more accessible for the technology provider community of late," he said.

Eser Rizaoglu, an analyst in Gartner's HR practice, said it expects technologies such as ChatGPT "will be embedded into current and new HR technology providers over the next one to three years."

Foundation models, like GPT-4, will be used for text generation and summarizing documents such as emails, meeting notes and transcripts. LMMs are also moving closer to "transcreation," which deals with text that's traditionally difficult for machines to translate, such as idioms, allegories, pop culture references, wordplays and visual depictions.

Rizaoglu said HR tech leaders should prioritize vendors that "promote the responsible deployment of models by publishing usage guidelines, enforcing those guidelines, documenting known vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and proactively disclosing harmful behavior and misuse scenarios."

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