Virtual Machine Management Service

Virtual Machine Management Service, also known as VMMS or vmms.exe, is the main module in Microsoft Windows operating system that controls all aspects of Hyper-V server virtualization. Virtual Machine Management Service is a core hypervisor element that runs under the system account, which has the same privileges as administrator accounts.

In terms of architecture, Hyper-V first implements a parent partition, which runs the Virtual Machine Management Service. Then, Virtual Machine Management Service uses the submodules for virtual machine deployment and management. Virtual Machine Management Service uses several submodules, including Windows Management Instrumentation Provider; Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Service Writer; Virtual Machine, Worker Process and Snapshot Managers; Single Port Listener for Remote Desktop Protocol and Cluster Resource Control.

VMMS can timeout or shut down due to various virtual machine settings and actions. When troubleshooting, check the Event ID to see how to resolve the problem. For example, "event ID 2000: could not register service connection point" is resolved by restarting Virtual Machine Management Service using the Service Manager.

This was last updated in March 2017

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