Oracle OpenWorld 2019 coverage: Oracle seeks loftier cloud perch

Last updated:October 2019

Editor's note

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 finds Oracle continuing to try to assert itself as a cloud leader but looking up at rival vendors that got the jump on it in the cloud.

That even applies to the company's flagship database software, according to Gartner. It still ranked Oracle as the No. 1 database vendor overall in 2018 -- but in the fast-growing cloud database segment, Oracle was fifth behind AWS, Microsoft, Google and China-based Alibaba. "They have a lot of catching up to do," Gartner analyst Merv Adrian said in a session at the 2019 Pacific Northwest BI & Analytics Summit.

Oracle will make its cloud case at OpenWorld 2019. Follow our coverage of the conference and related Oracle developments here.

1What's new in Oracle's evolving cloud strategy?

At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Oracle will -- again -- focus primarily on what it offers to users in the cloud. But some elements of its cloud strategy have changed since OpenWorld 2018, as shown by its partnership deal with Microsoft. Read about the new twists in Oracle's approach to the cloud.

2Database and analytics technology developments

Data management and analytics technologies are still the cornerstones of Oracle's product offerings. And the company is now updating Oracle Database annually, giving users more upgrade issues to consider. We report on new releases and trends in the database and analytics realms.

3ERP and CX in the Oracle applications spotlight

Oracle's business applications are another key part of its overall technology strategy. The company's ERP and customer experience management applications are expected to get a lot of attention at Oracle OpenWorld 2019. Find out what's happening with them and other applications.

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