Author Mike Ault sizes up the new Oracle Database 11g

Oracle book author Mike Ault talks about the upcoming Oracle Database 11g's new SQL replay and memory management capabilities.

The highly anticipated Oracle Database 11g is set for release sometime within the next few months. Editor Tim DiChiara wanted to learn more about the new features and functionality included in the release, so he caught up with well-known Oracle book author Mike Ault at the recent Collaborate '07 Oracle database and business applications conference in Las Vegas. Ault is the author of 24 books on Oracle technology including "Oracle10g Grid and Real Application Clusters" and "Oracle10g New Features." During this exclusive podcast interview, Ault, a popular speaker at all the major Oracle conferences, discusses Oracle Database 11g's new SQL replay and memory management capabilities and much more. If you're interested in learning all you can about Oracle Database 11g, you'll want to listen to this podcast today.

  Podcast: Mike Ault on Oracle Database 11g  

  • Download the podcast here: During the interview, Ault also talks about the "re-usability" features of Oracle's newly announced Application Integration Architecture.

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       Find out what else happened at Collaborate '07  

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  • Be sure to visit's Podcast Library.

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