SAP Planned Delivery Time

SAP Planned Delivery Time (PDT) is a tool within the SAP ERP software used to update manufacturing planning data, namely the scheduled delivery of procured goods and materials so that production plans reflect the most current data. Cutting down on the amount of time that procured goods sit in inventory before being used and more accurate planning and production data are some of the benefits of using the PDT tool.

SAP PDT first compares the actual number of days it takes for a vendor to deliver a material --a period known as "lead time" -- with the lead time that was initially entered into the system, based on the procurement planner's prior experience of working with that vendor, or on historical data. Positive lead time means that it takes vendor less time to deliver a material than the dates that the system suggests, whereas negative lead time deviation is just the opposite.

Wherever the system finds positive or negative lead times, PDT proposes to revise or update delivery lead times. Planners can update the information in one or all of the three areas in the system, namely, the Material Master, the Vendor Master and the Purchasing Info Record (Info Record, for short).

This was last updated in September 2014

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