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Microsoft and Cisco certification deepens interoperability

These UC blogs review Microsoft's and Cisco's latest integrations and the business strategy driving them, as well as how to ensure collaboration security in the workplace.

Collaboration tools have proven value in supporting productivity in the hybrid working world, with some companies integrating services to better accommodate the employee experience from any location. Cisco and Microsoft are two corporations that have come together to extend communication services to ensure seamless collaboration for end users, Futurum Research analyst Shelly Kramer wrote in a blog.

Cisco Board Pro received Microsoft Teams certification, which supports a smooth transition when switching between the platforms on the device, Kramer wrote. Users will be able to communicate more efficiently through AI-driven collaboration features, easier device management for IT teams and meetings with the full suite of capabilities, she explained.

Cisco's Webex Contact Center also received Microsoft Teams certification. The partnership enables agents working in Webex Contact Center to use Teams chat and calling. With this integration, customer service and experience are enhanced through advanced collaboration functions and centralized management capabilities, Kramer added.

Essentially, these two certifications create a more personalized and collaborative experience for users and support smooth communication for employees and customers.

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Collaboration between Cisco and Microsoft more than a certification

The partnership between Cisco and Microsoft has simplified switching between platforms so users don't need to take any extra steps. But improving interoperability highlights a key business strategy for Microsoft and Cisco, TalkingPointz contributor Heidi Elmore wrote in a blog.

Video conferencing services have been in constant advancement, especially today in the hybrid world that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, where users juggle multiple platforms. There are still barriers in the industry that need resolving.

"The newest challenge for the hardware ecosystem has been supporting multiple conferencing service clients on the same room device," Elmore wrote.

However, by playing to Cisco's and Microsoft's respective strengths in hardware and productivity tools, teaming up together introduces new ways to improve employee experience. The partnership will also reduce customer churn and increase sales opportunities, she wrote.

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Collaboration security enhances employee engagement

Companies in regulated industries must follow strict rules for employee communications to collect, file and retrieve them for a certain period of time. Even so, companies still find ways to fail to comply with the policies, especially as they adopt new methods of communication, wrote Beth Schultz, vice president and principal analyst at Metrigy, in a blog.

According to Metrigy's global "Workplace Collaboration: 2023-24" research study, a mere 37% of the 440 companies surveyed have put in place a collaboration security plan. Although more companies are planning to implement a collaboration security policy, too many companies are not being proactive in securing collaboration, Schultz noted.

However, the most successful companies integrate collaboration management into their strategies. Enforcing policy is the main step to ensure collaboration security within an organization. Making sure employees understand the rules that have been put in place is also key, Schultz explained.

Additionally, organizations should consider third-party management platforms. These platforms "centralize policy management and enforcement, as well as threat detection and mitigation, typically across multiple collaboration apps and platforms," she wrote.

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