EtherLabs launches AI Slack integration for video calls, meetings

EtherMeet by EtherLabs combines AI, video conferencing and messaging platform Slack to enhance team collaboration, particularly for remote and long-distance employees.

EtherLabs a Slack-integrated system that uses AI to improve collaboration across team video calls and remote workers.

With long-distance and remote workers in mind, EtherLabs identified a major collaboration challenge as time, not necessarily distance. The vendor's offering, EtherMeet, intends to increase the efficiency of meetings and video conferences and make information discussed during the meetings more accessible.

According to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace" report, 20% of employees were working remotely full time in 2016. But the report found remote workers missed out on meaningful connections and collaboration. According to the Harvard Business Review, as remote work increases, the workplace must behaviors and skills to accommodate the shift.

Using AI and media analytics, EtherMeet automatically captures, transcribes, summarizes and routes important parts of a call into Slack, so any team member -- actively on the call or not -- can see key points without watching a meeting recording. EtherMeet also enables participants to route snippets of the call with messages to other team members in Slack, who can watch, reply or join the call.

EtherLabs also claimed the tool learns who is important and what topics are significant to the workspace, channel and individual, improving the relevance of what is summarized and distributed to Slack teams.

EtherLabs intends EtherMeet to enhance meetings and collaborations for those involved, but also for those absent due to time differences across geographic regions. EtherMeet aims to enable team members to access the meeting content quickly and easily, blurring the line between realtime and nonreal-time collaboration.

While phone-call-based communication and meetings are on the decline, video calls are on the rise, and AI in the unified communications space is becoming necessary.

EtherMeet is generally available now and can be downloaded in the Slack app marketplace for Slack workspace installation. The vendor intends to release support for interviews, Macs and Windows in the future.

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