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8 communication and collaboration books to read in 2022

Communication and collaboration tools are more important than ever as the workforce shifts to hybrid and remote work. Check out these books to learn more.

As remote and hybrid work becomes increasingly common, better team collaboration and communication should be a top priority for organizations.

Unified communications software, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, helps businesses and their employees improve productivity and easily connect with each other. These tools offer important features including chat, video conferencing, file sharing and integration with other enterprise applications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration and communication tools became more important than ever.

Whether you're looking to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams and Slack, or you're simply interested in finding better ways to support communication between teams, here are eight books that could help.

1. Collaboration Potential in Virtual Reality (VR) Office Space

Publisher: Springer

Author: Marko Orel

Description: In Collaboration Potential in Virtual Reality (VR) Office Space, you will learn how VR can play a role in the transition from an in-office to remote workforce. This book explores how VR can create a virtual workplace for employees to increase collaboration and engagement, lessen at-home distractions, strengthen co-worker relationships, reduce feelings of isolation and give remote workers more visibility.

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2. Collaboration Tools

Publisher: 5starcooks

Author: Gerardus Blokdyk

Description: In Collaboration Tools, you will learn how to diagnose collaboration tools projects, implement evidence-based best practice strategies and get a clear picture of what collaboration tools areas need to be addressed in your organization.

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3. Mastering Microsoft Teams

Publisher: Wiley Publishing

Authors: Christina Wheeler and Johnny Lopez

Description: In Mastering Microsoft Teams, you will learn how to communicate successfully within Microsoft 365. The book aims to simplify and explain Microsoft Teams to help both small and large IT teams, including administrators, supervisors and managers.

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4. Microsoft Teams Essential How-Tos

Publisher: Independently published

Author: Djamel Chagour

Description: In Microsoft Teams Essential How-Tos, you will walk through an introduction to Microsoft Teams and how to use the collaboration software. Readers will learn the basics, such as how to use chat and schedule meetings. You will also learn about app integrations, customization and accessibility -- all of which can aid in better team communication and collaboration.

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5. Remote, Not Distant

Publisher: Liberationist Press

Author: Gustavo Razzetti

Description: In Remote, Not Distant, you will dive into the world of remote and hybrid work, and how it changes company culture. The author reviews how to understand and adapt to a hybrid work environment, including how to keep a team connected and improve collaboration.

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6. Slack Made Easy

Publisher: Independently published

Author: James Bernstein

Description: In Slack Made Easy, you will be introduced to Slack software and how to use it to more effectively and proactively communicate with team members. This book takes you through the basics of Slack and is best for beginners.

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7. Supercharge Your Slack Productivity

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Author: Moshe Markovich

Description: In Supercharge Your Slack Productivity, you will learn how to use Slack to effectively communicate with team members and improve team productivity. The author walks through how to create a Slack workplace and how to automate and manage work using Slack bots and integrated tools.

8. Teamwork and Collaboration

Publisher: Independently published

Author: Manish Bhardia

Description: In Teamwork and Collaboration, you will explore how to improve individual productivity as well as collaboration and communication between team members. The author shares useful tools and advice, while also providing the experiences of thought leaders and their top lessons for what's important in a teamwork environment.

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