Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

Microsoft Azure Resource Manager is a management framework that allows administrators to deploy, manage and monitor Azure resources. Azure Resource Manager can handle these tasks as a group, rather than individually, in a single operation.

Resource groups allow administrators to create cloud instances for actual use cases, rather than piecing the resources together individually.This improves the potential for automation and can make Azure deployments faster and easier. All resources in a group must share the same lifecycle and can be deployed, updated and deleted together. Resources can be added, moved or removed at any time. 

Administrators can also create reusable Resource Manager templates that describe the resources that comprise an application. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) also allows administrators to apply access controls to all services in a resource group with role-based access control (RBAC), which is integrated into ARM.  

Resources created through Azure Resource Manager are created either through the preview portal, PowerShell commands run in the Azure Resource Manager mode, Azure Resource Manager REST API or Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands run in the ARM mode.


This was last updated in September 2015

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