Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2010 is the version of Microsoft’s messaging platform that replaced Exchange Server 2007.

Released in late 2009, Exchange 2010 was the first version of Exchange that could be deployed on-premises, be hosted in the cloud by Microsoft or another third-party vendor, or be deployed as a hybrid solution in which some servers exist in-house while others are hosted in the cloud. 

Database availability groups in Exchange Server 2010 improved high availability (HA) by allowing an administrator to automate recovery at the database level in case of failure. The Exchange Control Panel (ECP), a new administrative interface that also acts as a self-service portal for users, was introduced, along with role based access control (RBAC). Exchange Server's RBAC is comprised of roles and role groups.

Microsoft rebranded Outlook Web Access (OWA) as Outlook Web App with the release of Exchange Server 2010.  Outlook Web App, which is compatible with all browsers, allows an administrator to customize the OWA interface and calendar Web sharing with themes. 



This was last updated in August 2012

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