MarTech & SalesTech: Opportunities at the Intersections

Fiona O'Connor

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Martech salestech intersectAccelerating digital transformation is impacting B2B organizations at both strategic and operational levels. We’ve seen many of our own customers working hard to accelerate their GTM evolution. Together, we’ve recognized that if Marketing and Sales leaders want to see these efforts bear fruit quickly, they need a good understanding of the intersections between people, processes and technology. To help everyone in the space, BrightTALK will be hosting a July 21 virtual Summit: The MarTech & SalesTech Intersect. Industry thought leaders from Forrester,, Orca Security and more will share insights about what has helped them make more progress and deliver better results faster.

As a warm-up to this virtual event, let’s take a quick look at how digital transformation is impacting the connections between Marketing and Sales.

In a time of transformation, teams need support.

While digital transformation is impacting almost every area of B2B, its effects are certainly being felt acutely by those in the GTM trenches – performance marketers and high-velocity teams, to name a few. These are the people who’ve helped their cause by quickly pivoting quickly away from in-person events. They’ve embraced buyers’ new virtual engagement patterns, incorporated video into their outreach and adapted to new tech in the stack. While energizing for some, the speed and consistency of this level of change can also be draining. They’re writing a new playbook on the fly. Sales and Marketing leaders can help with new, better ways of supporting and enabling these teams. They need the right toolset to compete effectively, but importantly, they also need plenty of support. Find out more at the upcoming Summit.

Change puts pressure on processes. For the better?

Disruptive change, whether in a market or in ways of going to market, puts real stress on an organization. Either the team or its processes will hold, or cracks can form along chronically under-invested fault lines. The MarTech/SalesTech intersect can be a real challenge – where if critical working relationships are undeveloped, plans that look good on paper founder in the real world. Though the stress of the pandemic is something no business would ever hope for, it certainly has served to highlight a number of areas where teams needed to make progress. Right now is still an incredible opportunity to review processes across your GTM organization. If you’re not yet at the top of your game, what better reason do you need than to prepare for the second half of 2022 and beyond? We’ll discuss some key areas of focus at the Martech & Salestech Intersect.

In a sea of new tech solutions, it may be time to focus on the basics.

All of us are being inundated with more new technology solutions practically every day. Each vendor seems full of promises that theirs is the final missing piece that will assure us of GTM perfection. Yet simple logic suggests that there really does come a time when another new implementation really isn’t going to matter that much to your outcomes overall. At any time, inserting more tech at the wrong time can create harmful drag. And tool fascination, envy even, can obscure your people to more serious gaps that are well within their abilities to solve. We think our industry may be on the verge of a tipping point, a point at which teams are settling in to do better with all the tech they’ve already got. For leaders over the second half of 2022 and beyond, we think it will be important to maintain perspective about what’s truly going to move the needle. This Summit should provide a helpful look at the situation from multiple angles.

A lot has been happening within the realities of GTM organizations over the past 30 months or more. While understanding digital transformation at a high level is certainly critical for effective strategy formulation, where the rubber hits the road for many businesses – at the intersection of Marketing and Sales – we still see ample room for progress to be made. We hope you’ll join us with a host of industry experts and hundreds of your closest functional peers. Please register here today for BrightTALK’s MarTech & SalesTech Intersect.

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