TechTarget News - Week of Apr 26, 2020

How Vonage is riding the e-commerce wave in Asia

The surge in online sales across Asia has boosted demand for cloud-based communications services as more e-commerce players look to integrate text messaging, voice and video into customer engagement platforms

UK tech companies launch online safety body

Online Safety Tech Industry Association unites 14 technology companies to drive conversation and policy around online safeguarding

Acquia releases Drupal 9 migration tools

Many Drupal users didn't migrate from versions 7 to 8. Now that 9 is out in beta, Acquia offers a sandbox and assessment tools to move Drupal users into the more secure version 9.

Potential near £70bn boost to British economy from gigabit broadband

Research shows that delivering ‘Gigabit Britain’ could provide over £50bn gross value added to the economy in five years, growing to £68.8bn in 2030, but suppliers warn that more must be done to turn broadband ambition into reality

Pandemic changes enterprise storage buying plans

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing some IT organizations to delay or push up their 2020 enterprise data storage purchases, while others continue with business as usual.

Zero-day flaw in Sophos XG Firewall exploited in attacks

Sophos released an emergency patch over the weekend for its XG firewalls after threat actors exploited a zero-day SQL vulnerability in the products to steal customer data.

IT compliance-as-code tool makes Kubernetes security inroads

Open Policy Agent has turned heads among IT shops for Kubernetes compliance as code, and its commercial backer looks to capitalize on that momentum with new enterprise features.

APAC edge computing market set to grow

China and Japan will account for the lion’s share of Asia-Pacific’s edge computing market as more organisations in the region look to streamline processes and improve productivity

Almost half of security pros being redeployed during pandemic

Close to half of cyber security professionals say they have been taken off some or all of their security duties to focus attention elsewhere during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Rubrik Forward virtual show poses audience engagement test

Tech events such as Rubrik Forward have gone virtual due to COVID-19, and the challenge is to make them as engaging as live ones. Experts say they must be more than just webinars.

Rapid7 picks up DivvyCloud

Security player moves to add more cloud visibility to its armoury and respond to customer demand for greater protection and visibility in hosted environments

Bugcrowd launches 'classic' penetration testing service

The crowdsourcing security company launched the Bugcrowd Classic Pen Test service to offer enterprises a more cost-effective and efficient way to test their cybersecurity posture.

Google chief suggests post-coronavirus cloud boost

Google’s GCP platform has seen increased demand during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and the company’s CEO believes economic recovery may lead to fewer on-premise datacentres

Coronavirus: Startups raise £663m during lockdown

Investment is significantly higher than at the same time last year, but it is concentrated in very few hands as the total number of deals declines

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure adds new AMD EPYC instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has boosted its support for mission-critical workloads with new options based on AMD's second-generation EPYC processors.

Rubrik ramps up backup speed and test/dev clones for Oracle

Rubrik Andes 5.2 doesn't add any groundbreaking features, but it focused on using backup capabilities to enhance test/dev and improving backup speed for large datasets.

Clumio backup adds Microsoft 365 protection

Clumio takes aim at the 'vulnerable' area of software as a service. Its backup for Microsoft 365 includes security features and assorted restore options.

Red Hat OpenShift to inject IBM Kubernetes management IP

IBM and Red Hat have begun to blend both business priorities and software code, including a forthcoming multi-cluster Kubernetes management tool for OpenShift users.

Node.js 14 delivers more enterprise-friendly features

Node.js 14 is now available with new features aimed at the demands of enterprise developers, who have increasingly adopted the server-side runtime environment for JavaScript.

NetApp acquires VDI vendor CloudJumper

NetApp looks to edge its way deeper into virtual desktop infrastructure territory with its acquisition of CloudJumper.

Couchbase automates cloud-native database management

New version of NoSQL database vendor Couchbase's Autonomous Operator brings more management to cluster administrators for automated cloud-native database deployments.

Olive Communications steps up support for Teams

Comms specialist is making its suite of services available to firms looking for help in adding more flexibility to their existing infrastructure

Stark digital divide in US internet speed amid Covid-19 crisis

Over a fifth of connections in lower income brackets in the US do not have ‘acceptable’ internet performance for work and school during the coronavirus lockdown, but ISPs’ expansion of available bandwidth for these communities noticeably improves online speed

Big Blue weaves Red Hat OpenShift into the IBM Cloud

With versions available on its Z and Power servers, IBM's delivery of Red Hat OpenShift for the IBM Cloud underlines the strategic importance of the cloud orchestration platform.

Vast Data flash storage zeroes in on enterprises

Vast Data engineers improve storage services for cloud backup and encryption as the all-flash startup moves to target mainstream Windows and MacOS shops.

Igneous Systems enhances DataDiscover with global search

Igneous Systems' upgrades to DataDiscover and DataFlow address unstructured data growth by allowing customers with massive data sets to see everything they have and move it anywhere.

Users demand improvements to Microsoft Teams calendar

Users must sometimes toggle between Microsoft Teams and Outlook to get work done because of features missing from the calendar in Teams.

Nvidia finalizes Mellanox deal to boost AI products

The Nvidia acquisition of Mellanox will improve its GPU and AI infrastructure products, but it's not likely to give the company a significant edge in the competitive AI market.

Caringo ships cheaper, denser Swarm object storage servers

Caringo's dense new Swarm Server Appliances on Supermicro hardware offer a starting raw capacity of 168 TB in a single rack unit and lower prices over its prior Dell-based models.

Security is central in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release

Canonical released its Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux distribution, emphasizing a holistic approach to security -- from hardware to applications.

Zoom could have far fewer users than previously reported

Zoom clarified its tally of 300 million participants counts users multiple times in some cases. The company also fixed a blog post that wrongly referred to participants as 'users.'

Global contact-tracing apps take divergent routes to beat Covid-19

Telecoms will play a key role in controlling the coronavirus through contact-tracing apps that can mitigate its spread. But that will only be the case if population masses actually use the apps – and that’s not guaranteed for a variety of reasons

Coronavirus gives cloud service providers short-term boost

The move to hosted tools has helped drive record sales of cloud infrastructure services in the first quarter of 2020, but the big migration projects have been put on hold

Shade ransomware decryptor released with 750,000 keys

Kaspersky Lab released a decryptor tool after operators behind the ransomware variant announced a shutdown of operations and issued an apology for any harm caused.

AtScale 2020.2 adds new self-service, cloud capabilities

The latest platform update from AtScale features new self-service analytics tools and the ability to run natively on the platforms of all three major cloud service providers.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux still central to Red Hat's strategy

While it may be overshadowed by OpenShift and Kubernetes, Red Hat Summit attendees were reminded that Red Hat Enterprise Linux still has a strategic role to play.

SBA bans RPA for PPP loan applications after bots clog system

After a deluge of Paycheck Protection Program loan applications overwhelmed the SBA's electronic loan transfer system, the agency said it would no longer accept loans filed by RPA systems.

Conversational AI to help with high demands in contact centers

Replicant and Nuance Communications have announced tools aimed at curbing the influx of calls during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited the number of customer service reps.

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