AWS Educate (Amazon Web Services Educate)

AWS Educate is a grant program for educators, academic researchers and students.

The program augments Amazon's efforts to increase awareness of its public cloud services in the educational community. Qualified students can earn a series of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications, gaining important proficiencies as they enter the information technology (IT) workforce. Applicants who receive an AWS Educate grant are provided with service credits for an active AWS account. After the service credits have been used, subsequent AWS usage is charged to the account's credit card at normal billing rates.

In addition to receiving AWS credits, AWS Educate grant winners also get access to a collaboration forum and large library of learning materials, including instructional videos on AWS services and webinars on best practices. While students and educators at any educational institution may submit a grant application, those affiliated with an institution that also becomes a member may receive additional AWS credits. Early participants in the AWS Educate program include the University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University and Miami Dade College. Harvard University and Stanford University are among the 100-plus learning institutions around the world contributing material to the AWS Educate library.

Other companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and Google, have offered similar free or discounted services to the academic community to promote technology education and improve brand awareness for the next generation of cloud computing customers.

This was last updated in June 2015

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