enterprise mashup (or data mashup)

An enterprise mashup is the integration of heterogeneous digital data and applications from multiple sources for business purposes. An enterprise mashup is also sometimes known as a business mashup or, less precisely, as a data mashup.

The term enterprise mashup is often used to differentiate a business-related mashup from a Web mashup, which is usually for the general public.  In general, a mashup is created from modular components that the end user can assemble and reassemble as desired to serve current needs. In an enterprise mashup, the product is typically a combination of internal corporate data and applications with externally sourced data, SaaS (software as a service) and Web content. Other features that differentiate the enterprise mashup include integration with the business computing environment, data governance, business intelligence (BI) / business analytics (BA), more sophisticated programming tools and more stringent security measures.

Dr. Mark Whitehorn explains one simple example of extracting value from a mashup:

"… suppose that your BI system tells you that, in the past, sales of hot dogs double whenever the local baseball team plays at home after winning three games in a row. It's a fascinating factoid, but it doesn't make you any extra profit unless you can get the extra dogs to the relevant stadium in time for the right game. Your company is very unlikely to store baseball results, but there are plenty of sites out there that do. And there are plenty of shipping companies that provide data about trucking availability and pricing. On its own, your BI system is simply predicting the future. But mash up that prediction with these external data sources and suddenly your BI system is able to predict the future in a way that you can act on quickly to increase profits."

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