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A revolutionary idea to promote women in computer science

Who went and put a holiday in the middle of the week? Well, if you’re not getting a long weekend out of it, at least the Fourth will break up your week — goodness knows summer weeks are always longer when you’re not the person in your office on vacation. Whatever your holiday plans, you can use your extra free time to read up on some of the interesting tech happenings of the week. Conversation lagging at the BBQ? Wow your friends with the ins and outs (mostly ins) of the new Google Nexus Q!  Better yet, since it’s Independence Day, rile them up for the revolution of women in computer science — it doesn’t involve muskets or flags, but there’s a whole lot of coding!

  • If, upon seeing Google’s new Nexus Q streaming media device, your first reaction was “I wanna crack it open and see what’s inside!” this is the story for you. Geek.
  • Problematic moniker aside, we love the idea of Girls Who Code, a collaborative effort among tech companies including IBM, GE and Twitter aimed at opening opportunities for young women in computer science.
  • IBM engineers analyze data related to Boston traffic and come up with software solution. Oh please, in the name of all the dashboard saints, get the app for that, Beantown.
  • Did everyone change their darn LinkedIn passwords? Good. Now read these pro tips on protecting data .
  • Nothing lasts forever – except everything you do online. Here’s the bazillionth “shining” example, courtesy of Forbes contributor Deanna Zandt.
  • Did we say nothing lasts forever? We hope this nerd love does.  At  least we know the site will go on, even if their hearts don’t.
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