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CIO weekly wrap-up: National cybersecurity list, basketball technology

Like many of you, I’m caught up in the passage of health care reform here in the U.S. If you’re interested in the health care system dovetails with your interest in technology, be sure to check out our new sister site,

This piece on national cybersecurity by city fascinated me. Who would have thought Seattle would be the riskiest city for online transactions? I can’t say I’m happy to see Boston (my hometown) at number 2 on the list. And while Detroit has been very hard hit in this recession, at least it’s one of the safest cities in these national cybersecurity rankings.

For those interested in both basketball and technology (myself included), I really enjoyed this article on potential high-tech innovations in the NBA. Think LeBron James crossed with “Avatar.”  Now, can I get some reliable basketball technology to fix up my NCAA bracket? Because it’s a mess…thanks a lot, Kansas.

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